Bug: Cleric Muscle Buff stacking/not stacking

Summary: Have two clerics, one below level 5 and one 5 or above, while in this state both apply their buff. After the lower of the two reaches level 5 or higher the buff is then only kept up by one of them. Both are still effected by each others buff, however others only recieve it once.

Steps to reproduce: Have two clerics, one below level 5 and one 5 or above.

Expected Results: Although at first I expected it to be a apply once buff, upon seeing both the lower and higher version applied to everything, this then made me believe that the higher would also apply twice. This - in my opinion - makes a 2nd lower lvl cleric (4 or lower) better than a 2nd level 5+ cleric.

Actual Results: After 2nd cleric hit level 5 the buff was only applied once.

Notes: This lay out is over kill for how simple this is.

Attachments: None.

Version Number and Mods in use: Latest at time of bost - (Release-737?) - No mods.

System Information: Irrelevant.

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I would think that the initial stacking is the bug. They shouldn’t stack at all.

@Relyss Can we get an idea of how this is supposed to work, please?

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