[BUG] cant cancel that they run to a sword in enemy town

All my people run to a sword to get it back to the stach, the sword is by 8 enemys, so my whole town dy

-Describe the problem in detail. Exactly how did you get it to happen?
a swordman die in a fight and all run to the enemy town to get the sword, i cant cancel that they run to it.

Does it happen all the time, or only rarely?
1 time, its my first run

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reliable reproduced are exceptionally more difficult to resolve. It may
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go to a town with a swordsman and let them die and all run to the sword and die too

Versions and Mods:
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you install any 3rd party mods or make any mods yourself? If so, list
them here too. Does the bug still happen if you remove all the mods?

version: 593 64 bit version
mods: german translation from:

System Information:
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performance/graphics issues, note your OS, CPU, Memory, Graphics Card,
and any other details you think might be relevant.

OS: Win 10
CPU: I7 4x 4,4ghz
Memory: 16GB
Graphics Card: GTX 970

Hello, @Agaros. You could try to uncheck “Haul” in the Citizens menu (first column) and see if they stop going to pick the sword. However you will need to find a way to fight those enemies because you’ll need to enable Haul in order to pick other items too.

If it is still marked as “bounty”, you can simply undo the bounty mark on it with the “undo” selection in the same menu.

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