Buffy buffs: buff your buffs to be more buffed

Have you ever thought “Hey making my hearthling happy is useless” or “having a herbalist isn’t worth even for the buffs”.

Well, think again, because now you can fix all of that with my newest creation, The “Buffy buffs”.

The Buffy buffs will:

  • Increase all the attributes of you happy hearthlings, and reduce the ones of the unhappy.
  • Increase the duration of the energy potion to 6 hours, the stamina potion by 12 hours (Stamina duh), the courage potion will also increase the willpower and compassion (because why not) and the strength potion shall make you strong as a if you were pumped with roids and sniffed a bucket of ammonia (+20 strength and then x2 to be exact).
  • As a bonus it’ll also increase the patrolling speed to 40% instead of 30% max, show you when a hearthling is carrying something, and hide the permanent buff on enemies in hard mode( You don’t need the game to remember you how hardcore and badass you are.

Buffy_buffs.smod (3.6 KB)

Known bugs/issues:

  • The mood appears in the status bar twice
  • the could be way too many buffs in the status bar
  • you need to be awesome to use this mod
  • remember to stay in school and don’t do drugs

Please post any bugs that you may find and i’ll try my best to fix them.


This actually makes potion buffs OP.

Classes providing buffs to surrounding Heathlings is way more balanced than applying it to one-flask-per-town tonics and potions which can be used constantly if herbs are farmed intensively enough.

What I really like is the idea of modifying stats based on happiness. This can make mood important: -8 | -4 | 0 | +4 | +8 to all stats would make it important but not decisive. I’d also make new citizens come only if town’s mood is content or higher.

Hiding Hard Mode buff is a small but elegant change.

Sniffing a bucket of ammonia is rather deadly. Being a chemist I feel obliged to ask you not to try it at home.

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Thats exactly what I thought about my herbalists. Now he’s constantly making sure all my buffs are up. lol.

The mood buffs was my original idea, but then i thought i could also fix the herbalist a little bit. The mood for new hearthlings to show is probably already on it’s way for vanilla. Buffs given by hearthlings are actually balanced, so i didn’t see the need to touch them, but maybe i could change how they work(make them multiply instead of add, or do both to some extent). I’m also thinking about creating my own potions and buffs but this is it for now.

I don’t know if i’ll try this mod, but I liked it just for the name. :smiley:


You need to change the name of the strength buff to be named Buff so your Buffy buffs Buffs can make you Buff


This seems awesome. Worried about it being unbalanced tho. Either way, the herbalist is kinda derp without this.

So, I have played with this mod on. I feel like my town is a lot more moody. Which I like! It does feel hard when times are tough and the potions actually are decent enough to be used strategically and make me prioritize keeping herbs in stock. Overall very nice mod. Great job.

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