Boxman Begins Game


Was going through my usual game scouting and found this on and it just started on kickstarter. I wanted to share this game because of its small crew of 2 people, its extremely simple and elegant approach and art style and it just look too awesome to let go through my mind.

Offical Website:

Kickstarter Link: Boxman Begins: A Unique Online Mutiplayer Shooter by Max Rogers —Kickstarter

It’s a 4v4 (potentially more) third person shooter in early development. It has some interesting modes like “Pass the Bullet” which is there is only 1 bullet on the map, everyone has a sniper. the bullet is passed randomly through usage. It has some creative ideas and want to see if you guys would like to help bring another awesome game to the world.


hahaha… loved the introduction trailer! :+1:

the sniper portion was particularly awesome (I wonder if the headshots will actually shatter like that?)…


Added Kickstarter Link to 1st Post.


Looks really fun and clear. I don’t like people so the part where they started talking about themselves and the plan felt unprofessional to me. But hey, it’s a cool thing to see people my age doing.