Big problems after updating MOD

Hello it’s me again xD
I have some really big troubles with the last update for the final version of the mod. But really can’t understand why this one doesn’t works.

Don#t receive any feedback from the game itself. But adding the MOD causes several problems. Music doesn’t works anymore, UI doesn’t loads…

I validated also all the Json Files but everything seems correct.

All worked fine until i update my commit from THIS to the last Version —> THIS

I’m sure this is a stupid error but with no feedback it’s difficult for me to find it :frowning:

I downloaded it and it is working fine.
Remember that your mod folder (or smod file) name has to be the same as the manifest name. So you need to remove the “-master” that git adds to its name.

really? maybe i have some troubles with my pc

yes, renamed the folder correctly. but the music doesn’t works and when i start a new game i have serious UI problems (no UI will be loaded)

you tested the Revert “Correction materials” commit?

I see nothing wrong in that commit. I downloaded from the home of your project, “download as zip” button.

mhhh strange…

after adding it to my mod folder slows down the game drastically. and some visualisation problems appear. No UI when i start a new game, no sound, no map visualisation.

All this problems came after i updated the commit from
Commit 924ac4c3015412658f1770f5c1ebf3f88989209c (this one works without problems on the same pc) to the last Version

maybe some conflicts with other mods??

i’ve installed this mods:

i don’t think that’s connected to this ones