Better Village Name Generation?

I think the village name generator is fine, but I think it should generate more realistic names. I always use the randomly made names (because I’m too lazy to think of a name) but the other day, I got the the name “Puppy”… Puppy? Do they want goblins to attack me or something? I just think there should be more names to make the generator produce better town names, like maybe in front of the name sometimes put “Fort” or something, heck even “Fort Puppy” sounds better, or maybe “Puppyvale”…


Dude. you can’t just dis Puppy. :wink:


You can change the name, add your own Vale on the end of Puppy, even put a PuppyPoo if you want


I understand that, but the point is that the village name generator should have more realistic names, so it seems more of a medieval style

Some of the names are better than others.

Actually, though, the other faction names are a bit more authentic-sounding.

My take on naming a town is over at Naming a new town

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i say they should just leave it. as @Unatan2 said, you can add onto the end or beginning.

i see it as more of food fro thought so that you can “create” your own name around what they gave you.

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