Better Inventories

Currently, the Town Inventory screen gets a bit wierd when you have items both in a stockpile and placed in the world. As you can see, I have the comfy bed listed twice because there is 1 placed and 1 not placed.

I think it would be much better if the two entries were merged and the one item had two numbers. The number on the bottom-right would be the number of items that are in stockpiles. A new number would appear on the bottom-left when there are items of that type placed in the world.

If you mouse-over an item in the overview it would give the usual tooltip for that item, but also have “placed in world: #” and “in storage: #” so you have some idea of what the two numbers mean.


even better than my idea


its an actuall issue where one item will be shown when its placed ^^ mostly its the citybanner xD

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