Berry bush query

Is there a way to modify the spawn rate of the berry bushes at start? since the latest update I have very very few in any map I try to create, out of the entire map I had one group of 3 little bushes.

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i dont know which files require changing for that, i’ll just page our modding support, @Drotten, for you

Yeah it’s easy to change that! In the Stonehearth mod, what you want is found in data/biome/temperate.json, and in there you will find this

   "landscape" : {
      "berries" : {
         "placement" : {
            "function" : "gaussian",
            "mean" : -50,
            "std_dev" : 30,
            "__comment" : "offset of mean near different terrain/landscape",
            "mean_offset" : {
               "tree" : 100,
               "water" : 0,
               "boundary" : 0
            "density" : {
               "plains" : 0.6,
               "foothills" : 0.8,
               "mountains" : 0

Changing these values will help you to get more berries at start! I found that upping the mean value gives the best result.


Thanks, I came looking for this. Berry bushes seem a LOT scarcer than before.

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