As you have raised the customization mode?

first of all I must say that my English is very bad and I am translating with google translate.

well, then I wondered if there would be the possibility of modifying buildings and villagers like each player, I do not just mean the colors, but to build it with buckets.

of being So too would be interesting a builder of monsters u other beings.

I can understand that is difficult because first you would have to create a template for each animal, only a proposal, the truth is that I would make my villagers were citizens of an ancient Babylonian hanging gardens and those things that are cool.

thanks for read and sorry my calligraphy.

If I understand you correctly, I think you’re talking about re-skinning the game by overriding the default assets to let you change the way things look, as well as creating your own monsters in the game. Yes, you should be able to do that with the modding tools.

-then the player would need to download the program to sculpt and also need to have a programming basis to do so, right?

that brings me to the question:
-you will help the player to make it easier to download the mods or create them? something like the steam workshop: you hit download and you’re all set. Or what are you to do in minecraft and have to open the program files to put it one by one?

thanks for read, intently from Spain.