Are there any plans to update the Ascendancy biome?

So yea thats something I’ve wondered.

Personally I’d like it to get some sort of overhaul in the future to make it more interesting and less “linear” if that makes sense, similar to the Rayya’s children biome.

But what do you guys think?


I think we will see a lot of overhaul with both biomes in the future depending on how they decide to create our worlds in the future.
I’m hoping for a lot more things to explore and find treasures ect in old ruins or even a friendly npc village to trade with or find a quest giver :slight_smile: i bet all those things could overhaul the entire game experience on all biomes.

I want more for all biomes for looks and gameplay :slight_smile:


currently we all wait for the new content update. In one DT they showed a demo with exploring new “chunks” of near by bioms. So maybe its possible to have worlds with many different bioms (eg minecraft) at the same time.