Any option to fight each other when multi will out?

there will any option like that?
tnx people

To keep with the theme of merely a few words;

hey there @MichaelTraveler … welcome aboard! :smile:

the 300k stretch goal unlocked this player v. player option:

Player vs. Player City Raids: Select a party of adventurers to storm a copy of another player’s city and bring home their treasures. Leaderboards will rank and track the deadliest fighters and most impenetrable fortresses.


tnx dear mate!!
tnx alot for this good news (:smile:

anyway wanted to ask you mabe you know when alpha 12 come out?
still cant play normally without any bagz or something alike =/

i think the goal for the team is a new Alpha build every 2-3 months (with several incremental updates released in-between via the Steam client)…

and given that A11 was released on Aug 18, we’re potentially looking at mid November for A12…