Any chance we can get a 'Known Issue' flag

It would be nice to have a flag that marked ‘Known Issues’ as such. Along those same lines a ‘Closed’ flag would also be nice.

I am confused. Are you talking about a flag here on the Discourse, or in the game?

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In Discourse… of course… sorry had to

In other words when, let’s say me, when I write a bug and you guys know it is a known issue you can flag it.

Well…we do have a system of tags that I believe cover what you are looking for here.

I’m going to mostly copy myself as this is still the case from the last time I wrote this up:

We have tags that are used to denote the “status” of the report. Each report will likely include a tag for the affected build; for example #a15r537::tag would indicate a bug that has been reported in Alpha 15, release-537. A typical report would then progress in the following order:

#confirmed_by_users - indicates that one or more forum members have replied in the thread with the same bug, and has been confirmed to not be an isolated incident.

#acknowledged_by_devs - indicates that the bug has been acknowledged by a developer, and they have added it to the running list of issues to resolve.

#fixed_for_next_build - indicates that the bug has been resolved by a developer, and is set for release in the next build.

#resolved - indicates that the bug has been resolved and the build with the fix has been released.

There are 4 tags that may be used in place of the above progression:

#no_longer_applicable - indicates that the reported issue may have been a bug, but the feature and/or code reported is no longer in use, and thus the bug report is no longer applicable.

#not_a_bug - indicates that the reported issue was deemed to not be a bug, but perhaps a misunderstood, intended experience. A recent example of this would be reports of “No Daily Reports” which was the result of the added setting for Hearthling limit.

#not_reproducible - indicates that the reported issue may be a bug, but the developers were not able to recreate the issue in their testing, and thus cannot fix the error.

#duplicate - indicates that the reported issue is the same as a previously reported bug, and the topics have been merged.

The first 3 tags would be seen on reports in the #support:bug-reports category, and are considered active bugs. The “known issue” flag that you are looking for would most closely equate to #acknowledged_by_devs. As for a closed flag, I am guessing that you are looking for bugs that have been fixed. They get a #resolved tag, and are also moved from the Bug Reports category to the #support:resolved-reports category.

Does this answer your question?


It does, I should pay a bit more attention… but that would mean stop building… :smirk:

Thanks jomaxro, appreciate the hand.