Alpha 8 Stream Tonight

I’m going to be streaming tonight after I finish with classes to relax! I’ll post again when I’m starting, but the place will be Twitch

I’ll be starting the stream around 10 PM EST.

I will be around in chat to respond to questions and comments, but I won’t be using a mic. If anyone has anything they’d like to see me try to do with the town, let me know. I’m probably going to hit quick start and just go with whatever starting location it gives me, but if someone wants me to try some sort of specific area start, I’ll give that a shot too.

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Oh this is a good idea I never thought to tell ppl here when I’m streaming SH lol.

Gonna be starting soon, probably in the next five minutes. New build came out, so hopefully it works pretty well!

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Yea same here, didnt want to break any rules or infringe in some kind of way… so…

Brand new streamer what better than to start with SH, streaming from 8:30pm to around 10:30pm US-Central time everyday.

@64bit and @demon, guys I would love to watch your streams.maybe down the road do some multiplayer together…

Oh what a fine idea I stream as well SH + a mix of other stuff @ Twitch