[Alpha 7] Mason freezes while picking up stone wall

i am in the middle of constructing an epic wall to keep the gablinz out and my mason just froze! D:
she wont move an inch and i cant finish my wall now! plus, the only way i found ot unfreeze her is to demote her, but she is already a level two again! :frowning:
i have a screenshot, but the site wont lemme upload it :frowning:

If you demote a settler, they keep their level. Your settlers will also freeze randomly sometimes. I’m pretty sure it is a known bug, but for now try demoting her. DETH TO THA GABLINZ!!!

thanks, i will keep that in mind :smile:

hey there @Minekratchit … welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to throw an image up on imgur.com and i’ll embed it directly for you (you should be able to do this in time as well)… :+1: