Alpha 24.4 unstable bug(?)

So been playing in this world after updating to the unstable alpha 24.4 (when weather was released in unstable) and also wanted to test out the wet stones. i also installed the mod that adds the terrain colors to rebuild terrain. so game worked fine for the 3 or so hours i played non-stop yesterday mainly working on making a detailed lake. started playing today and was going fine till my workers started acting weird.

So i needed a dining area as there wasn’t many places to eat and non even inside (just odd benches around my town and lake) so started set the blueprint for that on in paused mode and went back to the lake (about maybe 3rd of the way done) and made them do a little section, they mined the ground for the lake grass then went to build the dining area, but only did a partial part of the floor of the dining room then stopped. i removed both blueprints then did them again turning the lake one off, they did the exact same as last time, doing most the floor but not all of it and stopping.

So did this a final time and happened again, it seems they go to build then stop after doing one lot of wood from each worker.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a custom blueprint or premade
  2. place it down where you want it to go
  3. start building it

Expected Results:

Workers would collect resources and build the building till complete or till out of resources to finish

Actual Results:

Workers collected one lot of wood (as it was a wooden dining room) built the first lot then stop, and go idle or just talk to each other.


So its not a game breaking bug as if you let them build and pause after they stop, it resets their pathing (guess its just a game thing but that helped) and thye would continue to build, but stop again after one lot, you can rinse and repeat to complete a build.


I made a little video to show what i mean (includes my lake for context as well at the start)

Version Number and Mods in use:

Alpha 24.4

Terrain Colors Mod
Piles Plus Mod (added after the weird stuff started)

System Information:
Windows 10
64-bit System
16gb RAM
i7 Processor 4.20 GHZ