Alpha 19 Job Prioritization

Job priority function not functioning, building not prioritized (current priorities apparent: mining and wood cutting, then hauling, then maybe building (have to pause building and then continue to get some of them to join in, usually not all will join in)

Craftsmen have to be limited to their craft or will find anything else to do, and sometimes refusing to do their job despite available resources.

Haulers take partially used resources away while building is still in construction, builders have to keep going back. Clay building leaving MANY unused bricks.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start totally new game
  2. Try to build anything while other options are available for workers
  3. Set a queue for a crafts-person and see if they do it before doing other menial tasks

Expected Results:
Workers build first, then cut/mine, then haul. Craftspeople craft first, alternate job when nothing to craft

Actual Results:
opposite of desired for crafters, out of order for workers

Notes: Change came with latest alpha


Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 19, no mods

System Information: Windows 10 (have been playing since early on)

Update: changing an unresponsive craftsman back to worker and then back to craftsman made the craftsman restart its queue, but it has been happening a lot. I played most of yesterday and got kinda stressed out by it.