Alpha 13 memory leak?

10 – people 13.36pm

12 – people 14.12


no houses yet

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Yes it is a memory leak.Try to save and reload.if that doesn’t fix it you should probably give a full system info and a save.I’ve found more then 15 things myself that cause memory leaks.They patch it up and get more of them all the time.It was realy bad.(saving and reloading does not stop the memory leak but resets so it takes less memory.)

It is not necessarily a memory leak. @Xergoos noted that there were more people at each increase in memory usage, and one can likely assume there was more going on in the game (building, creatures (shepherd related), etc.), therefore leading to an expected increase in memory usage. If @Xergoos can show an increase in memory usage by simply letting the game run (not increasing heartlings, not building, etc.), then one can confirm a leak.

true i gave small amount of info true :frowning:
but between getting another settler the memory was going up all the time, i hope 100 items arent taking 100mb of ram memory…

As of the alpha 12 releases my games take less then 3gb of ram unless a memory leak occurs.
In my current game I’ve got 28 hearthlings a 5 story castle.Massive underground mine and everyone
has always been assigned something to do.The most my memory has reached2.6GB.I
would try saving and reloading when it gets up to 2.5+GB.If I let them get out of control they can take all my ram.What Jomaxro said is very true and how you test for a memory leak.A 15 hearthling game no buildings can be a low 1.9GB of ram possibly even lower.The best advice I can give is save and reload often.


I confirm there is a very high memory usage, which doesn’t seem to be explainable by the very few things I have running (the game uses nearly 3GB of memory, and I have only 3 buildings, less than 15 hearthlings, etc…)

So, yes, I’ve strip-mined a bit of land (flattened a quarter of a mountain, maybe), but this only generated a few hundreds ore and stone chunks. Nothing big, and nothing that would usually require such amounts of memory.

Version “release-489 (x64)”, which is an Alpha 13.

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0 buildings because, phff to buildings my hearthlings don’t need roofs in a desert. Also they seem to agree that shelter is 8 so what’s up with that.

Anyways here is my clip of memory leakage.

My specs.

Windows 8.1
Manufacturer: ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
System type: 64-bit, x64-based processor
Display Adapters: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650


Without the game on I am using normally about 26% of my memory. This is not because of the game or anything but it’s due to me being a tab hog, and running my own server for many applications. All I can say is, is that is much larger than the Recommended “Memory: 4 GB RAM.” :confounded:


Looks like the devs have confirmed a memory leak in their latest Desktop Tuesday update.