Alpha 10 building?

Where my slabs at radiant D:
How do i build bridges over these god forsaken rivers when the slab tool is gone or extremely well hidden :sob:

On the building GUI, click the floor between the two stories at the building image. I think that slabs shouldn’t be there, because they are easily confused with normal floor.

It told me that was just more floors… o.o

I had a feeling this was going to confuse people after watching the stream on Tuesday–it sure would have confused me if I didn’t see him point it out when he was selecting it.

As much as I like the development of the building system, it feels like they’re trying to be too fancy with this idea of “put all the tools in an interactive, symbolic building model”. It looks neat, but I think it’s going to need more labeling or instruction to tell the player exactly what they have at their disposal.


Well i mean, they have a side option to manually create your own walls, they could’ve just made a slab off to the side in the UI that would be a more obvious 'slab tool’
Since slabs can be used for stuff other than buildings.
perhaps allow this ‘other slab’ tool allow you to build slabs… VERTICALLY?

It used to be possible to drag slabs [and even floors] out in a 3D box, back when slabs were first added. Back when we used floors to mine.

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I like the new building system in A10 but also agree that it is confusing. I propose putting the individual pieces under the ‘visual’ of the building. Maybe highlighting the ‘visual’ piece also highlights the part below and vise versa.


Yeah, after using it a bit, I don’t like it near as much as before.

As a bit of an experiment, I asked my girlfriend to build a simple hut in alpha 9. After showing her just the basic controls and where to find the menu in the first place, she managed to build a little house in just a few minutes. I asked her what she thought of the process, and she kinda shrugged. (apparently I need a labcoat to get real scientific responses from my subjects)

I loaded up the latest version, then had her do the same thing. Even knowing the process in which she should be doing things, she just kind of looked at the building menu, lost. I told her to try clicking on things, and once she actually clicked on the model, she had an “OH” moment, and then built a hut, though it didn’t have windows like her first one. I asked her her thoughts again, and she had a lot more to say about the second version.

So, the moral of the story? I feel that the new building tool, while nifty, is a lot more trouble than it is worth. It is not intuitive, and if building is expanded at all in the future, the tool will have to be redone again, every time something is added. Even if there was a tutorial for it, it still is not readily usable. For example, my gf didn’t find the windows tool, nor the roads, though that wasnt part of the test. On top of that, nothing communicates the multistory function.

Anyone else’s thoughts? Or their experiments on loved ones?


It reminds me a lot of a shift in the building interface in one of the Sims iterations. I understand it, and it’s early enough in that the rest of us should be able to adapt. That being said, I wish there was either a “make stairs between floors” option, or an automatic break put in for ladders. Just from my experience with it this afternoon, my hearthlings freaked out and couldn’t figure out how to build the second floor, and I had to abandon the building (also, I’m apparently dopey, and don’t know how to permanently delete a building, if it’s possible). They just flat out refused to build the rest of it, despite being able to get to it all.

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