Alpha 1 Tips and tricks / Getting started

another foundational thread, that we can use to house a collection of advice on how to efficiently get around in the world of Stonehearth… this thread will contain links to player guides and responses from players offering tip and tricks to help new folks get out of the starting blocks… :+1:

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I would say
First thing to do to get started: Choose a place with bushes near.
You don’t want your settlers to starve.

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Best experience so far - build 2 stockpile and limit them to wood and food each, then have your peeps do nothing but harvest your berry field for 3 berry pop cycles, then chop down a swath of forest to fill that stockpile. While the worker bees are carrying logs, build two workshops and have one build beds and the other tables and chairs.

updated the OP with a corresponding link on Curse…