Alpha 1 General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!

Back on the discourse (Finally!) and excited to play the game. Now the most important Alpha-related question; does Radiant want bug reports, and if so where do we put them?

Edit: Nevermind, found it!



how will we know when a new update has been released?

well, if you’re accessing the client via steam, it will auto update or you… as to knowing what’s actually in an update, we’re still hoping to see this captured in Dev blogs, etc.

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“A wild Milkman appears!”

Yay! finally get to play the game. I’m liking the look even more now that I’ve actually seen it in motion.

Unfortunately, I’m getting an error every time I go to build the first structure my game crashes. :frowning:
I tried reinstalling the game and everything. Has anyone else had this issue?

I really like the design y’all settled on for the night/day icon btw. It fits the world really well.

building structures is still fairly buggy, so fear not… its not just you…

glad you’re enjoying the alpha! :+1:

Yes, don’t worry, that bug has been reported (I think here?) The most up-to-date bug report forum is located here.

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The workaround is currently to press F1, and only build within those blue tiles. It’s a problem they’re having with building over multiple terrain tiles. Don’t worry, this is a very common problem! :slight_smile:

WTF!!! one of my workers just created a house with berries!!! WTF!!!


Haha, yeah, that’s common too. Not only with berries but also with all kind of furniture… :smile:


Don’t know if it will help or not but I found pressing F12 brings up something that looks like the blueprint thing at the least you can use this while building a house to see where the door is.


Umm… Best glitch ever?

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If you ever get hungry, you can just eat the house! :wink:


EVERY single time i try to build a house my workers start picking up and instantly laying down the wood.

Unfortunately it’s just one of those things right now, I’m sure we’ll see some improvements when the next fix is out, until then we must all persevere in our house building efforts!


@Alfie I don’t think my people know how to eat properly to begin with.


hahaha… yes, well… this has been reported… but thanks for another comical visual! :smile:

I personally think it’s a test for telekinesis… :wink:

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What about some strangely glowing wood and fruit? I feel like it might be radioactive, but there is no way to separate it from the other stocks of supplies


I thought it was something magical… but then I realised that there aren’t any sparkles. :frowning:

When people accidentally put 2 of something down somewhere, the models stack and they get this brightened appearance.