Alpha 1 General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!

… ok, let’s start with the basics :wink:.

You need to rename the file stonehearth.smod to Afterwards you unzip it and you will find a folder called “stonehearth” which includes only 1 folder called “mods”. For this one you can apply the folder-structure as described above.

Maybe that helps with where you are “stucked” at the moment.

Oh ok I guess? I’ll try that.

edit: What do I open the file with?
Ok I opened the file with notepad… and I deleted the stuff in the brackets… When I play stonehearth again I can check if it works.
Although actually… maybe I could make the recipe include berries instead of cloth? Strange idea…

Well, actually you can use any tool which can unzip… just google for it and chose your favorite.

hey there @timeforgaming… welcome aboard! :smile:

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and good luck with your modding efforts… you’ve got an excellent instructor… :wink:

I know this is a “bit” late but Hoe do I update stonehearth?

hey there @KingMooCow! long time, no moo…

as for updating the client, if you are accessing it via Steam, you can use the directions here as a guide… if you are accessing via Humble Bundle, you simply download/install the latest client from your library there…


What is there to do? All I can seem to do is assign a villager as my carpenter, stockpile goods, make roofless houses and various pieces of furniture. Is that the whole game at the moment, or am I just a most pitiful noob?

That’s about it, yupp. Keep in mind that the first Alpha of the game was released about a month ago and they had to deal with a pretty nasty AI issue.

Now that the AI stuff is out of the way, however, hopefully we can see some more progress soon. :smiley:


Oh, I don’t mind it. I understand why; I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t really missing out on something. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.


@SteveAdamo Aright he’s done here.
Bring the thread closing nuke of texts.

Indeed, aside from mods from the people on the Discourse there is little to do, but hopefully within the next month the game will get more content.

This is the reason I still haven’t bought Stonehearth, I wanna wait until like… May. Before buying it, to get a more complete.

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Why not buy it then just not play it?
Then it will be ready when you are

welcome aboard @lyra707! :smile:

at the moment, there is only a bare minimum of content to test… but that is what the current client is intended for… testing the existing mechanics and systems, to help the team improve whats currently available, and continually evolve the client, based on our feedback…

take for example the modding API… the community has done very well in forging their own paths, and the roadblocks we’ve experienced, and suggestions we’ve made are helping the team to improve the system as a whole…

if you are looking for some solid gameplay, you may want to hold off for a few months, until more content has been implemented…

stay tuned! :+1:

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Well, its the lack of content… Aaaaaand I have Nine Dollars to my name.


Why so inactive :frowning: i loved reading this thread!
OH MY GOD ALPHA 2 IS OUT!!! (hope im not spoiling anything!)

well, we unpinned the thread, so perhaps it’s just fallen a bit off the radar of some folks… but it still stands as a great repository of general knowledge… :smiley:

Seeing as it is called the Alpha 1 general questions, is there gonna be another thread for Alpha 2? It might not be an all bad idea considering there’s nearly 200 posts in this one and adding more on top will only make it harder to find the questions already asked here.

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brilliant idea… glad i stole your idea thought of it! :blush:

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