Allowed to distribute *.smod file contents?


I am working on a modding tool for Stonehearth that I think will be a great help for the community and perhaps you as well, and I have a question regarding the issue of the smod files that make up the game.

I am currently using my tool to open the smod files, and extract the contents to a project / Mod directory. I am not altering these files at all. The tool I am making will get the modder to make a new project, and that will create a directory for their mod. The tool will let the modder see, and make any changes / edits to the main source and those edits will be saved as their own mod, and not the original data.

I’d like to simplify this by just keeping the master files on my server (It’s secure) and have my program just reference that directly.

I am have my server auto matically keep the builds in sync, and make things easier on the modders.

Please let me know how you feel about this, I’m designing a good tool I think, and would love to have your support and ideas (as well as the community too!)




This might sound like a stupid question, but why isn’t your tool just referencing the stonehearth.smod/radiant.smod that is lying around on a modder’s computer in the first place?

Also, modifying the game source is an icky business that almost certainly cannot be done properly in an automated manner - unless you’re just overriding everything, which is a very bad approach to modding.