All fun and games until you're stuck mobile

Heyo; so thanks to some severe hardware issues, I’m without my laptop for a week or two, and my elderly desktop decided it’s not waking up for you darn whippersnappers and your newfangled gaming malarky.

Soooo I’m stuck on just my ipad until my laptop gets back from repairs.

Any suggestions for similar games for it?

Not sure if they are for Ipad l. But I heavily enjoyed Lifeline.

It’s a game about helping someone trough an adventure by “talking” to them trough your phone.

You can get Roller Coaster Tycoon’s 1 and 2 on Mobile now. It’s called “RCT Classic” and it’s about $7. Well worth it.

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Battle for polytopia is one of the best phone games I’ve ever played

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Thank you! I’ll look into those suggestions - Battle for Polytopia
definitely looks good at a glance

If you like novel games you could try ‘Full of Stars’ it’s a fun game that brings great challenge whth a steady and well spreading story that manages to keep engaging despite it’s rather slow pace.
Keep in mind that you only have one life yourself

If you’re more of a puzzle type player i’d suggest ‘Heart Star’ it’s a suuuper adorable puzzle game with some good puzzles and mechanics!

For a more… addicting one i’d suggest 'Cally’s Cave’
It’s a simple side scrolling shooter with an almost sarcastically generic storyline that you’d care almost non about, but it soaks up a ton of time and i have no idea why

Look up “Battle Cats”. It’s a sort of tug-of-war esque of game where you do it by spamming cats at your enemy. It’s addicting and I love how each cat units are portrayed.

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You could check out Godus! It can be a lot of fun but make sure you can charge your tablet after XD