Advantages of zooming with mouse wheel

Short 30 second video to show those that don’t know, how they can change position / perspective? by zooming in and out with the mouse wheel.

Unfortunately not all players have mousewheel’s or have them broken. That’s why the additional keys to zoom in/out are needed.

On top of that, the mouse wheel does not work (yet?) when placing something.

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Then this post would be for those that have mouse wheels and didn’t realize that it would zoom in on the cursor :smile: As far as placement goes: I select an item, zoom around the screen get to the spot I want then, press 1 and place it.
I didn’t actually do it in the vid because I didn’t think of recording that until I’d already placed my furniture.

Also what are these additional keys for zooming? Are they in the game already or is this something planned in the future?
Because when you start the game the only thing mentioned for zooming is the mouse wheel.

They’re not in the game but I might add them to rp_hotfix while I’m at it.

Edit: Or not, the code requires a bit more work than I am currently willing to invest. It’s not that much of a problem currently either, I think.

I see no problem with it. I’m your worst nightmare I’m 60 years old and a gamer. If your mouse wheel is broke or it doesn’t have a wheel then go buy a used mouse for 50 cents or a dollar if you don’t want to get a new one. If you don’t want to do that and whine about not having it and need it coded for you: then pretend I’m glaring at you and saying “Get off my Lawn” .
I just think it’s neat that where ever my cursor is it zooms in on that portion of the screen with the wheel. Whether it was planned or not good job.

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I’m inclined to believe it was planned, as I recall it being the system in GT(2? Might have only been 2 but could’ve been both) :stuck_out_tongue:

Graphics Test 1. Definitely.

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