Adjust gamma/brightness in settings

can’t find any reference to this in amongst existing suggestions or topics …

it would be really nice to be able to adjust gamma / brightness in video settings.

my eyes get tired after a while and the game just seems pretty dark at that point, makes it a lot more difficult on the eyes to play. i find i’m constantly moving the angle of the screen and pushing and pulling it closer to try to be able to see into the screen to get more light out of it, which of course is not going to happen. would be nice to mess with the gamma or brightness in game.

Is your monitor brightness turned down, maybe? Mine sits at 30%, and the game is plenty visible. If I cranked this thing all the way up, it would sear my eyes out of their sockets or something :stuck_out_tongue: Though I reckon that if I had it at minimum brightness, it would be too dark. So maybe check that.

Thanks for the reply.

My monitor brightness is not turned down.

Everyone’s eyes are different, and this would fall into a usability/accessibility amenity. On this browser window where the browser background is white, the brightness is blindingly painful to look at right now and I am at the same computer settings that I have for the rest of the time.

When you add color to the mix, it just starts to become more difficult, and the longer you look at it, the harder it is. It’s just the color palette. I am playing in the desert now and it’s not as difficult to see. I have similar issues with other apps that I can’t alter the look and feel of.

Taking breaks, giving eyes a rest, looking at different things, all the usual things to help with the situation are things I already know – just some in game way to adjust contrast (eg, gamma) would be nice to have for the long term so it wouldn’t require a system wide change which would have to be then altered for every other application.


Is there any chance this might still be done? :slight_smile: Right now I am playing Ascendency in the Desert for the sole purpose of getting more brightness.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans for this. We’ll be focusing on stability, bug fixes and some performance work over the next few months