[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

I’m sure that the ACE guys can give better detail, but a few options come to mind:

  • a class-specific outfit that has a small buff to warm the miner up (could be a periodic thing so that the miner doesn’t get outright immunity to cold but can, like, warm themself up intermittently on a long cool-down), could come with a trade-off e.g. one set of miner clothes improves speed or carrying capacity while the winter version offers strong protection from cold but at a small speed penalty
  • a class skill for the same general premise, only this would allow the miner to warm themself up “as needed” so it’s much more powerful (there can still be a cool-down to make them unable to infinitely sustain warmth, of course.) You’d probably want to have a down-side, e.g. the “casting animation” for the buff might last a significant time as the miner “sits down and warms themself at a small lamp/fire/etc.” (purely cosmetic animation, but it’s a good excuse to have the miner take a small pause – they can mine or they can warm up but not both at the same time.)
  • a flavourful and interesting alternative would be to give the miner the ability to make a small temporary campfire/brazier out of coal that they find. This way it’s not “free” warmth but it’s not prohibitively expensive, and they can use it to benefit other hearthlings too! It would have to be tied to the coal items themselves (i.e. select a particular piece of coal to ignite, it gets transformed into this “mining campfire” item) so you don’t have to worry about giving the miner a crafting queue – just like how the trapper is able to use a few items placed in the world without requiring having a crafting queue of its own. It’s basically a “oh yikes someone’s cold, quickly burn the nearest thing to warm them up!” option, but giving the player enough control to make sure it… actually works well (i.e. you can pause mining and have the miner do it immediately, on-site, for immediate benefits) rather than just allocating the task and hoping it fires off in time to be useful hahaha! The item would be temporary, but you could potentially have the option to re-fuel it with firewood (meaning you save on coal – set up the campfire and as long as you keep it fuelled you can use nice cheap firewood to keep it burning all winter!) It’s more complicated than a simple buff or just building a regular brazier in the mining site, but adds a nice little story and gives the miner a unique winter utility.

Heya @Moai, welcome back! :slight_smile:

It’s quite simple, tbh. The cold weather effects are only applied for hearthlings outside/not under a roof/terrain… so it’s very likely that miners won’t have that problem by default!

However, if you still want to make them “protected” by ACE standards, you can either:

1 - Add them the “field_work” job role, which will allow them to wear “field worker” equipment (which includes hats for sunstroke protection and hoods for cold weather). This is probably the easiest route as it works out of the box and doesn’t require any special patches in case ACE is not present (in which case it will simply ignore the role)

2 - Create their own cold weather outfit. Now that would be cool because it could fit with the visuals of the miner better, however it would probably require special patches for when ACE is present or not.


Darn. I was hoping there’d be a component of some sort, so I could just smack weather-resistance: 5 into the JSON of his clothes or something like that. I wonder if making him a field worker would remove the normal miner outfit. How do I designate an outfit as cold-weather?

I am new to this awesome community of StoneHearth and ace is one the best mods I ever tested. sadly, I only access this mod once becuz of my potato laptop nvidia Geforce 310m Intel core i3-350M processor. If I install this mod my stonehearth somewhat having difficulties on loading to the main screen it is kinda stuck on the logo of Radiant. But like I said it played once in my laptop then after that I can’t play it anymore it can’t continue but at least I experience this mod that everybody giving their best to make this mod possible this is an art so I hope that people don’t giving up on making this mod and I hope that more modders will come to join the force.

Hope for all of you guys the best <3


Hey! If your game is stuck on a black/title screen - but you can still hear the music - try pressing F5 :slight_smile:
This works for a lot of people!

Thanks for the kind words, btw <3


Oh, never knew about it feature!
Now I am using it for debug purposes, thank you! :jubilant:

Hello, i would like to add some feature to manually asign weapons to hearthlings, so hearthlings wont change weapons automaticaly if they found a ‘’ stronger one’’ for ex. If i want them to use halbert instead of big steel sword because of the fear effect and they wont pick up the steel sword afterwards.

You can somewhat do this with the “Equipment Role” button;
For example, if you set your knight to use “Polearms”, it will not replace the halberd for a short sword, because the short sword is part of the other role, “One-handed & Shield”

Although you mention replacing a halberd for the big steel sword :thinking:
That’s weird, the Two Handed Steel Sword is a Footman item and the Halberd is a Knight weapon, none of them should be able to use both, unless it’s a modded class.

In this case, the mod owner needs to create equipment role buttons for all equipment types for their class to be compatible with ACE :merry:

The steel sword is just an example