[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

Sorry to keep bugging guys, I figure tho you wanna know when we notice something wrong. So atm eggs and cloth arent being stored in storage racks or baskets, i have undeployed and put it back but they dont wanna put it on them.

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Do you use Piles Plus?
If so, this mod is old and instead of “adding” its new information on the items it creates piles for, it “replaces” it, removing the information added by other mods (like ACE) and effectively breaking storage and the detection of crafting materials for many things. If you are using it, you’ll unfortunately have to deactivate it :forlorn:

It might be responsible for many other small issues you might be getting with things not appearing on crafting or not being stored.

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Hey i want to report a bug, fortunately i already know how to get rid of it.

When you open the game it takes forever to load, you can hear stonehearth music and stonehearth cursor, but radiant logo and menu never shows up. I even waited 3 hours straight trying it to load. The problems stops when i remove ACE. Fortunately if you press f5 (reload UI) the logo and menu loads within few minutes. (i maked sure its caused by ACE as i removed all other mods before removing ACE)

it is fine for me, but might be annoying for some other people

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Yes, this is a known issue and solution :slight_smile: It happens with some people when their game is heavily modded (or generally lower-end computers), it’s been happening for a while even before ACE and the F5 solution is usually given to people when they have it!

Thanks for sharing it though, there’s always new people experiencing it and it is always good to remember! :smiley:

Could there be some kind fo revamp to fuel?
Since i think it doesnt make sense that firewood should light campfires or hearts for same time as coal. I think it should be like in real life, where large chunks of hard coal is far more effective than firewood. Maybe also add variants of firewood? Because in real life logs from some tree types are more effective than logs from some other types. And the last thing to add coal, charcoal, and hard coal, but not entirely sure if it will dont ruin purpose of firewood sheds or cast holders.

Yes, we’re improving the fuel system to make it a bit more efficient, you’ll “refuel” stations and they’ll last a while (being able to craft) before needing fuel again, that way some professions that currently suffer a lot from the fuel requirements like Potter (especially if playing RC) and Cook will have a much better experience, and you won’t have to destroy all the forests in the world :joy:

That will also allow us to give slightly different values to the different fuels, making them better or worse, etc. As for specific types of firewood, we don’t plan on going that deep/complex, but it would be very easy to mod such a thing when the new system is out :slight_smile:

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Maybe also some form of trophy stand small variant, holding up to 3 trophies and large variant, holding up to 10 trophies, you will can place some loot or trophies enemies like the goblin honor token or magic dust (not sure how its exactly named. you could also store some decorative items in there. the trophy stand would maybe boost the appeal rate of item on it, but Not sure of this should be added to ACE or if it should be separate mod.

Also sorry dani for giving you that much suggestions to you i should stop and give you some break xD



Could blunt weapons resist some block chances
(since it makes zero sense that you actually block a attack with silver hammer with bark buckler) the level of fracture will effect the shield (minor fracture - cant resist block chances, just reduces armor, fracture - can ignore block chances from some early game shields like the wooden shield or bark buckler and maybe light bronze shield, major fracture - can penetrate even heavy bronze and light iron, and having chance to completely destroy them, [not sure if this would fit stonehearth style] making them completely disapper from enemy.) steel, heavy iron and better will remain undestructable.

I know this is considered as ‘’ complex’’ but i would still like to see that at one point.

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Nope I dont use that mod sorry, so not sure why its happening. Is it common to happen if you have a few storage racks and baskets already?

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well, if those others are working fine (with cloth and eggs) then you probably just don’t have enough stuff to fill all of them before it gets used

If not, it might be an issue. I tested it here, however, and it works fine… so it is probably an incompatibility or a specific issue somewhere else. Maybe if you could provide me the save game that would help a lot :slight_smile:
You can upload it to google drive and link it here or through PMs (or find me on Discord in the ACE chat :slight_smile: )

No worries, suggestions are always welcome! Trophy stands/weapon racks/armor stands/shield displays etc are all a cool idea that we wanted to perhaps add at some point, yes :slight_smile:

As for the second idea, it is indeed a bit too complex, I wouldn’t say impossible but we’d need to see it’s viability and if it would be worth or not. So can’t really answer that one now, but who knows? :smiley:



Its in the weaver house, you will see the empty basket and shelf, also the ones at the poyo and sheep field arent getting filled with food, there are items to go in it.

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I also dont know if they arent picking up the basket of crops because there is too much going on? there is HEAPS of storage so idk why. They seem to only pick up the crops when i put a chest right next to the fields, rather than taking the crops across the river?

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Ok, I just tested and found out the problem… It’s the Better Storage mod, unfortunately :forlorn: also never adapted to ACE (although the author did mention they wanted to make an ACE version, it was never released) it does conflicting changes to filters and tags…

It directly affects the storaging of many items (like bolts of cloth) and perhaps others I haven’t checked.

I’m afraid you’ll have to disable it when using ACE :frowning:


OMG thank you! They pick up stuff alot better too now. <3


You’re welcome <3 Glad I could help!

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Now I have an issue with the save always crashing to desktop with no notification DX Is it because i removed that mod from the game?

If it has not crashed the first time you removed it, then probably not

Have you checked the stonehearth.log? Can you send it to me (after you crash)? It gets “cleaned” every time you launch the game so you have to send it after the crash :slight_smile:

You can find it in the root game folder.

Yea it started crashing after I removed the mod, but doing different things each time.

Oh, woah - you’re being flooded by server log messages “Sleeping while send queue is full”. Unsure what this is, @paulthegreat or @max99x, I assume at least one of you probably know what this is? :smiley:

I’m sure Max knows better than me, but I assume it’s just sending a lot of data from the server to the client (you can see this only happens while loading the game initially). I imagine it would do the same when sending data from the server to remote clients in multiplayer, but since it doesn’t happen during actual gameplay, it’s not a big concern.

It looks like the main problem is that there isn’t processing power to do all the “thinking” the hearthlings are trying to do. I noticed there are 35 hearthlings; what game speed is this being run at? Is it ever getting paused?

AI performance is something I can look into at some point with ACE, at least in the sense that there are a lot of AI actions that we add to the game and there’s probably lots of thinking that could be cut down on for those (e.g., maybe only certain classes/jobs/levels need some of those task groups, some priorities could be adjusted [not sure if task groups and actions with only lower potential priority than the current action are completely avoided or not], some conditions getting checked could be simplified or calculated centrally by a service or other object rather than in start_thinking, etc.).

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