[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

Still no Dwarves :sleepy:


Someone had a similar error recently (the AI got clogged) and they fixed it by demoting the herbalist back to worker and then promoting back to herbalist, try this :merry:

If you came here because you’ve been noticing some sneaky ACE updates in the past few days, it’s because there was a little detail here and there that needed a somewhat urgent fix, and instead of making a new post/title image/and such (and get to version - which would be the correct, but anyway… :merry:) we decided to just make a couple of sneaky updates instead…

Nothing was really changed from the already existing notes, just a couple of extra fixes - that have been added. :smiley:


What about to change some items with special effects like Wolf Helm.

I don’t think that 4 DEF and 20% Diligence is worth more than 5 DEF from Steel Northern Helm.
The same with 5 DEF and 20% Courage Rabbit Hair Shield vs 8 DEF Silver Northern Heavy Shield.

There are many worse weapons or armors that are prioritize higher that better ones.

What about to rebalance them or change them to something like trinkets (“worker tools”)?

Well, they are arguably cheaper/easier to craft than steel gear, that’s why they are not stronger

They are, however, the best options you can get in the game for such crafting price, at that point. They’re not meant to be end-game/top gear, though. We plan on introducing legendary weapons for NA as well (Tier 3 unlock like RC and ASC) the models are ready and all, it’s just not in yet :slight_smile:

@DaniAngione Perhaps the issue is that these cheaper items have higher ilevels than steel ones, and so get preferentially equipped when they shouldn’t be? I don’t know, I didn’t look at the ilevels, that’s just how I’m interpreting it.


Yeah, that’s the case - the idea was that they could be a “choice” - but I suppose it makes sense if their ilevel is lower anyway since you can simply choose by not making a steel gear. I’ll tweak it for the next update :slight_smile:


Dropping in to say thanks to the ACE crew for continuing to work on the mod :grinning:


A friend pointed out that since a hearthling’s hit points go up as they level, you can make low body hearthlings farmers and then later promote them to a fighter.

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This works, but there are a couple of down-sides:

  • every level a hearthling gains increases the experience cost to reach the next level (this was specifically added to combat “master of all trades” hearthlings that you’d just level in every job and switch from role to role as needed); so after gaining levels in farming and potentially other jobs to buff up their health they’d have a really hard time gaining levels as soldiers. Without high level abilities, they’d basically just be meatshields, and be less likely to get killing blows (and thus the XP for making that kill), so your other soldiers would quickly out-level them and end up doing most of the heavy lifting, which in turn would give them more XP and increase the separation. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your strategy – if you just want a wall of tanky footmen whose job it is to hold enemies in place, then that situation is fine; and your DPS attackers will get “carried” (think of an ADC in a MOBA game, or power-levelling in an MMO where high-level players body-block enemies while you farm them at low risk) to high levels quickly and unlock their powerful DPS abilities.

  • body score affects movement speed as well as HP; so those low-body hearthlings will always be slower than their high-body colleagues. Many classes have speed boosts built-in (e.g. trapper, farmer, mason; and of course footmen have a much larger speed boost to help with reaching combat quickly); but only boosts from the active job will apply (the health boosts are actual stat increases, not just boosts.)

Generally there are other perks from having high Mind and Spirit hearthlings as soldiers – e.g. a knight with a high Spirit will basically never break and run unless completely overwhelmed, or an archer with high Mind will quickly unlock powerful abilities so they can become a very effective support unit and cover their tanky allies without having to get mixed up in the fight. So there are plenty of good reasons to look beyond just the Body stat when picking soldiers…

also, taking the Shrine of plenty/other town equivalents (which give the permanent +1 to Mind, Body + Spirit) can lead to powering-up “super hearthlings” since there’s no limit on how many times you can carry those hearthlings forward to a new town except for your patience and persistence in doing so hahaha.


Could you add some containers where you actually see the items in them like the firewood sheds? Because they look super cute UwU


is there any non steam download???

Yes, non steam version is always on the main post!

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Can i ask, will next update focus on something new (dwarves, magmasmith etc…)
Or expand the drinking mechanic(new drink types and containers, new buffs and debuffs…)

I think it wouldnt be bad if something new comes but the drinking and other things still get updates and improved.

Just curious


I talk a bit about the next update on the top of the thread plus in some other places. In summary, next update will finish what we call “base game updates” and the foundation for dwarves and their new mechanics, etc. So yes, it will have new things and also tweaks to old things, we’ll always revisit and polish and improve things until they feel as good as they can be and perfectly fit the quality standards we strive for :slight_smile:


out of curiosity what does compost and manure get stored under? my fertiliser is getting stored but they arent.

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Compost and manure do not get stored under any filters (intentionally)

They have input bin filters if you wish to store them for some reason but they won’t go into chests or shelves with other things… you don’t want poop all over your food, right? :jubilant:

Ideally manure will go straight to composting bins and from there the compost will be turned into fertilizer and stored somewhere else - but if you do need to storage it for some reason ( :poop: ) you can use supply baskets and such.

Oh, by the way - the reason manure doesn’t get stored (and goes straight to bins) is cosmetic. The idea is to have your pastures filled with poop mounds, the whole idea of the mod came after people were joking about how pastures don’t look realistic because cows are not pooping everywhere :jubilant:


ah okay lol. i wasnt putting the crafted chunks of compost on the drying racks as i wanted to turn them into fertaliser and if i put it on the racks ill prob be too slow and it will turn to fuel XD all good lol


You can set the fuel racks to only turn manure into fuel :merry:

But yeah, if you want to make your herbalist’s life easier, you can add a supply table to their workshop and set it to hold compost :merry:

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ahh kk, didnt realize the supply table would have the option XD tyvm :smiley:

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