[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Oh, snap! I forgot about the legendary Ascendancy shield! That one is also blue instead of red. (Could be solved by blue legendary armor for the knight, too. I’ve always wanted the Captain’s winged knight helmet)

Honestly, the knight’s colors in vanilla were just all over the place. :frowning:


You guys are amazing! You are making the game the way it was meant to be so thank you from the bottom of my heart!


ACE Pre-Release 0.9.2 Hotfix


  • Northern Alliance’s initial crops were missing the Arctic Pine and Arctic Juniper added in 0.9.2. They’re now properly added.
  • Medium Highland Pine Stump will not cause a crash anymore. The model was saved with compression - which causes a crash - but was now re-exported.


ah Herobrine…


Damn nice work! Just a curious question, I have a friend that plays on Mac, will Ace always be Mac friendly? Or is this a stupid question to ask lol


I played a few hours with a friend on multiplayer, we did have difficulty to understand how things worked in early games (like finding Thatch) but overall we are enjoying discovering and experimenting ( we are still end Tier 1).
We are really enjoying ACE the nature around is no longer bland ! :merry:

And even if we are slowly discovering it and it may already be here or soon, here is some question/suggestion about ACE:

  • Does the herbalist will be fixed with ACE (Bandages/Potions/Nursing) ?

  • Can the trapper have an option to not tame animals, or choosing what animals it can tame ? ( i end up with too much of them if i don’t pay attention).

  • Does the aquatic life have a use ? (did not interacted with it yet)

  • i find the patrol a little cranky, i can’t remove a flag without deleting the whole group (and i can’t move the flags) but it is still really useful.

  • For the footman the choice about one-handed/shield, two-handed and dual wielding does not seem to work : i asked him to be one-handed/shield but he still choose to equip a two-handed axe…


I’m not aware of this being an issue. My understanding is that they only actively bandage/potion people who are very badly hurt.

Not much yet, but it’s being added.

When you select a flag, do the command buttons to move and remove it in the unit frame not work for you?

Does he have one-handed and shield equipment options available to him and he’s just not switching to them?


So, like everyone else here, I just played a couple of hours and I’m really enjoying the ACE Mod. The World feels so … alive. It doesn’t matter where you look, everywhere is at least something. Like the Cougar-/Wolfsden. Or little “ponds”. I really love what you did with the environment. Also the Blacksmith feels really important. You can’t pump out armor like crazy, but it’s important to improve your Soldiers early on, or else they’re just too squishy.

A few minutes ago I spawned an Amberstonerabbit and an Orc to see what they’d look like with the armor, both characters which you can get later on. But they won’t use the Kingdom armor. The Orc took the armor, but it didn’t change visually. So … is this because I spawned them in, is the armor considered “racial” and won’t be changed with these two, or is it something that will be changed later?

"Personal Problem"
So, I don’t know if anyone shoots with a bow in real life here, but what’s bugging me personally is how the Archer (from NA at least) doesn’t use full gloves. I know that Stonehearth is not that correct with detail, but you’re adding so much detail that I thought I’d suggest to give the Archers full gloves, because with unprotected fingers, it would hurt like hell to shoot a bow.


their skeletons are slightly different than normal hearthlings, and are not, as far as i know, supposed to wear human stuff. (its why bunnies cant be fighters, but can be archers, they have specific armour for that themselves)


Yeah, but that’s exactly why I’m asking :smiley: I’m just wondering if the Armor will be changed or not.
I mean, there’s not even an “archer armor” inside the game, so the Bunny is a bad example on my part, but the Orcs can be footman with quite the large amount of different armors. If they don’t wear the Kingdom-Stuff they look like mercenaries x)


Hey all!

I’ve been looking forward to ACE for a while, and it has not disappointed! I only have one critique and it’s pretty minor; but its been bugging me.

It’s a workbench - I’ve forgotten the name - the one where you chop logs to make firewood. I have been playing in NA, and the mason makes this. Anyways, when the hearthling is in the process of chopping the firewood, the original art axe is still in the chopping block, while the hearthling wields another axe to chop the log.

My describing skills suck. Basically, there are two axes, one which is part of the workbench, another that the hearthling uses to chop wood. I’ll send a screenshot when I am able.

Enjoying ACE so far though! …It’s just that one thing…


Well, we actually don’t directly deal with anything regarding OS compatibility :merry:
Mac compatibility is basically handled on a engine-OS level of relationship and our mod doesn’t touch the engine as its source code is not in our reach - ACE might be very complex but it is, in the end, just a mod.

In other words, ACE should always work fine in Mac if the game engine-Mac compatibility was nicely set up and all that. Just like other mods, ACE doesn’t have the power to change anything that would break that compatibility - I hope :smiley: So you probably don’t have to worry!

There is a limit of how many animals the trapper can tame (up to 2 I think), so I’m not sure why you’d be ending up with too many animals unless you have several trappers :thinking: Please note that sometimes new hearthlings that arrive with the Daily Update have pets of their own, so there’s that as well!

At first we did not create “factional” armor for orcs; the reason for that is mostly because when an orc equips a normal (base game) piece of armor, it already looks different than the Ascendancy armor (it has the orc style), so it made no sense to us to make them have factional-orc style if the original ones didn’t look like it in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, this could change at some point if we feel it’s worth it!

Heh :merry:
Well, hearthlings are tough fellows :wink: Now we need a vambrace mod!

This sounds like an issue, because the chopping block is set up in a way that the axe is “taken” by the worker and disappears when chopping wood!

Could we have more details?
Are you using any other mods or could this be related to graphic settings, I wonder? :thinking:


Alright, okay. That makes sense. I guess they’re mercenaries then! At least for me, that is.

Well, if they are Archers, woudn’t that already be part of their armor? :smiley: But I guess I can live with how it is displayed, no worries there. Just thought I’d mention it.

I’ve ran into this “Issue” myself and it doesn’t matter if someone plays NA or not, I’ve tested all three Kingdoms (wanted to know what you guys have changed or added so far :smiley: )
Here are some Screenshots of it.

Maybe it is related to the graphic settings as you mentioned, but I wouldn’t know about that.
Edit: Oh yeah, in my case I just use the ACE Mod. Maybe @doubleblade2127 and I should screen our graphic settings, if he/she also just has the ACE Mod?


Just a little hotfix to remove a couple of harmless (but annoying!) error messages and fix a couple of weird, long-term issues found.

ACE Pre-Release 0.9.2 Hotfix 2


  • Golden Egg, trophy. A little funny tribute for the elusive nature of game issues and the eternal quest for debugging. Poyos have a very little chance of laying them, can be sold for a hefty amount.


  • Updated the description of the Fisherman’s Soup (Ascendancy’s special Fish dish) to make it clearer that it is supposed to be made with Carp and not any fish.
  • Reduced the chance for the “Sisters of Whitehill” foraging shop. These nuns really were walking a lot.
  • Removed Carrots from Rayya’s Children initial crops.


  • Some important fixes to the Vine Component to prevent errors thrown at startup or game load that would prevent vines from spreading.
  • Fixed an issue that made Poyos lay more than just eggs… They were laying bones too. Bones. Poyos were laying bones. (What have we been drinking?!)
  • Fixed an issue that made some traders (weapons & armor traders) sell things they were not supposed to, like worker outfits.


you now know i need to make a poyo based industry to get those sweet, sweet eggs :stuck_out_tongue:


For ACE 0.9.2 version, pets are now able to take food out of storage chests to eat! Stockpiles can be avoided for that now. I didn’t see it mentioned in the patch notes, but I’ve seen it working in a newly created Singleplayer game. Thanks for this, alot of people were requesting this helpful addition.


To make sure I didn’t give a gold mine to players by accident, I set up a game with no inventory limit, 5 shepherds, 10 fields of 25 Poyos and a cook/farmer making food and poyo feed and left it running on maximum speed this morning.

I got to 8500 eggs before the first golden egg showed up.

So… Good luck :smiley:

It’s true! I forgot to add that to the notes! But yeah, animals can take food from containers :slight_smile:


-releases all poyo from his chicken-run enclosure-


I got a little bug with the algae, if i harvest an algae, each time i save and load the game i will have the algae loot next to it every time (also they seem to not growing back). To say i ended up with 54 algae in one chest.


Any chance you can post that save?