[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


I just use the Armis Maximus mod along with ACE, but my graphics are on ‘min’ just to speed up the UI. Would this really affect ACE?


Few more issues I’ve found:

Legendary Tome is not craftable
Silk for Legendary Hood is not craftable
Vanilla Valor Torch not craftable? I thought this was fixed in vanilla R905. (Who crafts it anyway?)

EDIT: The torch being uncraftable after Valor unlock is indeed an ACE-only bug; I’ve tried disabling ACE and Valor shrine unlocks torch just fine in a new game.

Not really bugs, but:

Legendary Footman Armor, Legendary Knight Shield, and Legendary Knight Mace don’t match the armor aesthetics of their non-legendary gear for the Ascendancy. (Footman steel helmet (or any helmet for that matter) looks weird with the legendary armor; knight gear is usually red but the legendary shield and mace have blue.


For some reason I am unable to harvest the grass when it is long, has been a few weeks IG so I am not sure what is going on?


I’ve reported this and so had somebody else but we both have been ignored. I’m sure only because its been so busy this last week with the updates being pushed out. The herbalist hasn’t been working properly with the ACE mod and wont use their potions or bandages. I usually just pass the herbalist stage and power my Herbalist to a Cleric anyways but figured I would add my input.


I have better.


Well, it would match my settings, so maybe yes. Maybe the Axe isn’t removed because it would add to the “graphical need”? Sounds pretty dumb, but maybe.

It was answered. If your Herbalist isn’t working at all, I think the Team would need more Information about it.


great mod guys, its also fantastic that it comes with the game by default, that way the game is still alive for new users that arent into the mod community. <3 love it


They are. The Tome is crafted by the Geomancer, so is the Silk.

Yes, they fixed it but we didn’t fix our override, so it isn’t fixed indeed. Will fix, thanks!

Well, yes. Kind of – Legendary gear does have its own aesthetic. If you take the legendary bow or the legendary sword, for example, they’re vanilla items and don’t really fit the other non-legendaries as well. They have a specific pattern of colors (for Ascendancy it’s mostly blue, light blue and gold) and they only sorta fit each other. If they blended too much among “common equipment”, they wouldn’t be really that legendary :jubilant:

We could make the Knight’s Legendary shield red, for example – but it is such an iconic item (no pun intended) that we were not sure if we should. And I guess we probably shouldn’t, it doesn’t look so weird for me (personally), and the red plume + blue legendary shield was a vanilla conscious decision, so I’m not sure… I’d say it is more like a matter of opinion


We don’t touch the Herbalist lua controller - which controls their potion/bandage usage, so it could maybe be a conflict with other mods (are you using any?)

Anyway, I’ll try to reproduce this issue and will post here!



Yep, can confirm that the Herbalist is working normally with ACE.
@stevenvilla & @doubleblade2127 are you using any other mods? Might I know which ones? One of them might be causing the issue, maybe.

And @Kasarov here are the silk and tome recipes, they are unlocked for the Geomancer:

I also fixed the Valor Torch issue. Thanks for that report!

Weird, it should be simply harvestable. What is it called when you click it? Might not be long enough yet (it will say in description)


Between a new year’s feast here and a day 1 barbecue there, we’re still trying to get some fixes in :merry: so here is…

ACE Pre-Release 0.9.2 Hotfix 3


  • Daisies can now only spread on grass. They might still spawn on dirt, however - but won’t spread.
  • Firepit component is now more flexible and accepts certain JSON inputs for future modding compatibility (ie: different entities for the embers, etc;)
  • The models for the Simple Quiver and Fire Quiver have been re-positioned to accomodate for the fixes below.
  • Simple Quiver now requires a level 2 Archer while the Fire Quiver requires a level 4 Archer.
  • Added a limit to the spawn of certain plantlife and new terrain features until we find a better balance. This should help with performance a bit for newly generated maps.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Valor Torch from being unlocked by the Tier 3 Valor Shrine.
  • Fixed some more issues with the Vine component. The ‘bind’ error should not show up anymore.
  • Fixed a base game issue that made arrow Quivers disappear if the Archer changes its visuals for some reason (like equipping armor) or stay rendered even if the Archer equips something that forcefully removes the Quiver. That happened because the Quiver equipment was handled as a “merge to model” clothing. Now it is a “backpack” slot item equipped through “attach to bone”; This was done for future compatibility with mods that could break the quiver by adding armor to archers, different weapons, etc.
  • Added an “accessory placeholder” to Quivers to make them retro-compatible with any other mods that add Quivers and are not adapted to ACE.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Weapon preference buttons have a randomized order among other buttons under certain contexts. For example, the Bow/Crossbow button kept swapping places with the different arrow types from quivers. Now weapon preference buttons will always be displayed on the right.

Stay safe, have fun and keep reporting stuff! :jubilant::sparkles:


i loved ACE - its looks brillant so i would love see more new things to come - i loved the lockable doors


wow it’s crazy like that is fast forwarding the updates


That bug isn’t related to algae and is fixed in the [edit] now current release.


I use the Armis Maximus mod, which shouldn’t have compatibility issues with ACE.


Aw man, thanks for the daisies! I love them but they were kinda everywhere… :smiley:


I wouldn’t say that, last time I looked at the coding end of armis I wasn’t a happy man XD, admittingly that’s months ago but still (testing beats guessing)


It says “a large tuft of grass” i can harvest the ones in pastures tho just not wild grass


being able to tell your hearthlings to move wild plant then automatically harvest them is the entire point of the auto harvest mod. as far as I can tell all ACE has is a replant tree function. does not replace auto harvest at all and its pretty useless as it puts tree where you do not want them, randomly, then requires you to delete them one by one if they happen to land in a bad location. worse than useless because it adds more work for me when I use it.

the entire point of having a stockpile is to manage what is inside it. not putting all the categories like better stockpiles has because you are saying its adding complexity to the game by adding actual categories of things that exist in the game to that list is completely backwards. again completely useless version of the mod I don’t even understand why you mentioned it in the OP there is no similarity at all.

I can give ACE some slack for not having the actual content of the other mods with models and artwork, but not for core functions you need to actually play the game in a meaningful way. these functions should be part of the base game, and it does not add complexity because its just allowing the player to work with what is already in the base game in a way you would expect as a new player given what is already in the game and how you interact with it.

anyone saying that these functions do not belong do not play the game in any meaningful way besides having it on as a screen saver in the background. honestly you should cater to the players that actually play the game instead of worrying about overwhelming new players and then giving them nothing to improve upon once they know how the basics work- that is not a game its a demo.

this is how I would rate the “integrated mods” can you guess which are which?


Honestly I think the replant option is brilliant, but I am using it in areas away from my town where i dont care where they are placed, if it is closer i just cut them down and would put them where I want them. you dont HAVE to use the replant option if you dont like it but for others its nice having it XD