[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


We have a pretty big update coming out soon, we’re finishing up some final changes and testing.


Can you please define the word “soon”? :thinking:

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You’re welcome to hop on the Discord and observe the process or contribute to the play-testing and bug-finding. As it is, I was hoping for tomorrow, but little things keep popping up, so we’ll see.


Finalizing/reorganizing patch notes (17 pages in a Google doc)…

Edit: good news, so far Dani’s trimmed and compressed it down to 18 pages.
Edit 2: okay, 18.3 pages.


Can confirm, this is not a belated april fool’s joke :smiley:


you don’t have date?
I just saw the new version, thank you


So really loving the update, adds so much to the game that drastically improves it.
Couple of notes after playing it over a few days:

Stone mason jobs seem to be broken, can only make a few things (thus making the Northern Alliance incredibly hard to play).
The Discord itself has no permanent link here in chat from what I’ve seen, unsure if updating the original post is possible but creating a new and permanent link and updating the one linked here would help a great deal.


Hey there, first off welcome to the Stonehearth community and Discourse! :merry:

This thread is for one of the older releases of ACE, the most recent release has a thread here

In that thread you’ll find more info about the latest things being worked on (especially fixes coming in the next update), and a more recent link to the Discord.


Thank you! This was the first link that popped up out of a very few, I got some help on the Discord.