[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


wait, owl is stll doing things :open_mouth: ?
havent heared from him in…forever! i dont think i ever thanked him enough for basically teaching me how to mod SH XD

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I’m friends with him IRL, so I’m going over there this weekend. He’s not really doing any modding himself anymore, he’s trying to make life better for himself. He’s mentioned you, he’ll always remember the bees lol

He taught me nearly everything I know as well, but since he’s my IRL friend he sort of tossed me into the pool before knowing how to swim and told me to learn lol


Teasing the new farm UI, mostly finished. It’s in the latest unstable version, and 0.9.3 is getting closer and closer…


I wanna play teaser too!

But I’ll just leave this here and let people figure out what new things are in there…

(There are 11 new things in this picture;
hearthlings are posed so the sitting on the ground is not a new feature)


Wow! Y’all are killing it! Can’t wait for ACE 1.0!


I spy some ostrich milk in a bucket :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


Wait, people milk ostraches?
But I see animal beds and bowls, wood storage, pumpkin soup, children animals and nests… Not sure about more things XD


Heh, I was like okay we’re getting milk…where’s the…hmmm…maybe deer milk…that’s still kinda odd. Ostrich milk just sounds so much worse.


Also… is that the tiling component in action? :thinking: The fence?
Nah, it’s not ostrich milk :joy: It’s just so coincidentally close to the pen :stuck_out_tongue:


Jeez, just watched a youtuber lose a 22+ hearthling village to Ogo and a second goblin army because he’d placed trophies. He was playing Northern Alliance and his carpenter wasn’t high enough level to make the wind chimes. When the other factions got added was there never an intention to make the other primary crafters able to craft the wind chimes?

Edit: Sorry this may have been the wrong place for that lol

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(I can’t stop laughing about the ostrich milk, this has to become an easter egg somewhere :joy::joy::joy: )


And to make things even worse: I see only male ostriches in that picture…


(Insert uncontrollable inappropriate laughter here.)


Wishful thinking, but playing through updates would be a good way to spend the day since it’s -40F (with wind chill)

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shall i try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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starts plotting a mod to turn ostrich eggs into milk, by…magic


as the prophesy has foretold there shall be ostrich milk

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Pyromancer StoneHearth Class Concept:

There is something that I would like to request that Radiant had concept art
for during the first year of development but never expanded on it and I think
it would be pretty cool for you guys to implement. Back in the early stages
of development for StoneHearth there was an image of a hearthling as a Pyromancer
and weilding fire magic. At the time I got psyched about seeing both the Geomancer
and the MagmaSmith as images as well, but the Geomancer was implemented with the
rabbit humanoid faction and it seems this team is planning on making the MagmaSmith
along with a new Dwarven Faction and Dwarven inspired biome (which is really cool by the way).
So in addition to that I would very much enjoy it if you guys also added a Pyromancer
class to the game.

In order for a hearthling to become a Pyromancer,
they would need to first become a level 4 herbalist.
and then to craft the Pyromancer Tome the herbalist would need two bolts of leather,
three pieces of coal and six BrightBell flowers (or perhaps instead of BrightBell flowers, some other resource). The clothing for the Pyromancer can basically be the Cleric’s outfit but with
the primary colors of the robes being red and a dark brown or muddy orange.
In addition to the color alteration, the outfit could also have a hood or cowl
that has the same color sceme as the robes. For the Pyromancer’s abilities at level one,
they can throw fire balls at an enemy target. And the easiest way to think of it
mechanics wise would be that the Pyromancer acts like an archer; staying far from the
target and attacking in range using fire magic. And the fire magic itself would be the
same as an archer using fire arrows (minus the arrows of course).

As far as level attributes and class upgrades,
at level two the Pyromancer deals increased damage with their basic ability from
level one. At level three the Pyromancer can buff their allies by increasing their
body and courage stats by one. At level four the Pyromancer gains a special ability
known as fire bomb; basically the same as the basic ability only deals a great amount
of damage and sets the target and surrounding enemies on fire, dealing even more damage.
Then at level five the Pyromancer’s buff allies ability increases their allies body
and courage stats by 2. And then finally at level six the Pyromancer’s fire bomb
ability deals even more damage.

Unfortunately this got a bit lengthy but I wanted to write my thoughts down and share
them with you guys, since what the team has done and what the team is preparing to do
in the following updates is very impressive and will really be a game changer for
StoneHearth, and one that both the players and the developers will enjoy. Anyway,
thank you for your time, I hope that this reaches the team and that the ACE team will
consider this in the upcoming future. If you would like to possibly discuss this further,
i’m active on steam and I also use discord. Again, thank you for your time.


Damn that looks so cool

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no novelty?