ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Yep, shared it in General chat very early (5:15 or so EST) this morning since I couldn’t sleep :slight_smile:


Ahh, I’ll make sure it’s pinned when I wake up (if it isn’t already), hope you get some sleep this night :relieved:


I’m sure it’s night somewhere during the hours I’ve been sleeping :wink:


I suppose those useful resources should go to the first post, rather than buried in the ground, right? :thinking:


They are getting pinned on ACE’s discord and announced when I wake up, to make sure everyone there knows of it. Everything expcept the pallet is already pinned


The palette isn’t that big of a deal anyways ^.^


True, but I’m sure some people will find it handy, I’m sure I will :relieved:


Guys, I’ve had a thought: wouldn’t you like to include LostEms in ACE? After all, its sole purpose is to add vanilla style things which somehow didn’t make it into the final game (just like ACE).


Could you link it on the Discord @Pawel_Malecki ? I’ll make sure the rest of the org sees it and we can go over it!


If everyone who’s been contacted please uses the discord for ACE related discussion, it would be much appreciated.


I’ll post the link right after the mod is updated for beta (stone windows and comfy furniture need fixing).


In response to the idea of expanding some of what the engineer can do, i think it might be neat if the engineer could craft some basic items to help around the town, not exactly just for defense. Like maybe craft a piece for a cook workstation to allow them to cook more efficiently or faster. I also think that maybe something to help hearthlings plant and harvest farms faster would be cooler too. Of course these are just some ideas, i have no idea how hard it would actually be to make either of these a reality.


Thanks to our 10 seconds of fame in the official announcements, many of you might read this thread and decide to give your input. Please join our discord to add to the amazing thing that is ACE, we would like to keep all our efforts orderly and in place where everyone is able to see and read them back whilst discussing ACE.

Hope to see you all there !

The ACE Team


Well I never…
Started today feeling awfully sad, this has bucked me right up. I hope so much this goes well. I don’t have any particular skills to contribute but… I don’t know if you guys get a Patreon going or something?

Elsewise please consider me with you in spirit and watching!


I’ve not actually contributed anything to the codebase yet, but I can PM you my bank details if you like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LostEms is finally updated, if you want to borrow something from it feel free to do so: lostems.smod

Someone asked me about full resolution autoharvest icons. I’m afraid the only one I have is the full resolution icon uploaded as profile image of the mod on Steam:


I’m taking a look at the most recent version of LostEms! Great stuff, and I guess there’s indeed a lot we could perhaps assimilate into ACE if you’re indeed alright with it :slight_smile:

And also the AutoHarvest - if I recall correctly you were ok with it being assimilated into ACE as well but currently doesn’t have much time, would you mind if I started working on that then?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:



Thanks to everyone working on this expansion for not only continuing the greatness that is Stonehearth, but for also helping ensure that the community stays strong as well :smile:


You’re a genius @Zilla, thanks for this :relieved: Might put it as my wallpaper tbh


where is the <3 is twice button :stuck_out_tongue: ? if it doest exist it needs to be modded in :stuck_out_tongue:
dibs on theoden!