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I don’t quite agree with the addition of kingdom-specific classes. Vanilla Stonehearth doesn’t have them, why should the dwarves? I mean, even the Northern Alliance has the Farmer class, although they can hardly cultivate edible things. I’d rather stay within the existing classes and focus on changing their possibilities instead.


This is amazing! I’m totally on board with this, I wouldn’t even mind donating some models to the cause. We could really use some tools though, like a style guide would be very helpful. Keeping it cute isn’t a lot to go off of especially since every kingdom has their own kind of palettes . Secondly an update animation tool for Blender would be very beneficial, too bad @voxel_pirate isn’t around here anymore.


I believe at some point there was an official Stonehearth style guide, but it was more general, since it came before the other kingdoms had gotten this developed. Maybe someone could ping a dev for it?

In our Discord, @Kittyodoom shared a palette that contained most major materials in the game.


perhaps the devs will give us access to the exisiting models and animations of the dwarves - i think it would be a waste if they wouldnt be used. @sdee?


Yes please :flushed:


Also the magma smith. The one that Tom did on stream.


Soo… you know how… @Allie had to make the titan model on stream again… because… someone… forgot… to maybe BACK UP HIS MODELS IN AN ACCESSIBLE LOCATION!!!


So we have no dwarf models, and he didn’t actually get to making their animations. That said, the rabbit rig is shorter than the hearthling rig on purpose. You could reuse the bun rig and for dwarves, and see how far you get.


hahaha! :laughing:


Also, I’m going to share @allie’s icon and modeling guides with you here.

Stonehearth Trait Icon Style Guide.pdf (848.5 KB)

Stonehearth Modeling Guide 2018.pdf (1.4 MB)


Thank you so much! This will help us a lot in ACE @sdee


Looking at those pdf I saw something!!!
Cactuslings! Why we do not have those yet? :sob:
Just add it as an override to the entlings in the desert manifest, done! :sweat_smile:


Those style guide are great!
Where can I find that pallet file mentioned?


@sdee I swore I saw a livestream with either @Allie or @malley that had a newer version of a dwarf :thinking:


This is amazing! Thank you so much! :merry: :heart:


colormap_WIP.qcm (276 Bytes)
colormap2_WIP.qcm (276 Bytes)


We really do appreciate this, thanks again!

Also… if you have something more laying around then we’ll gladly accept it :sweat_smile:


We also accept any of you working with us in your free time if having it as a job isn’t enough :jubilant:

He he… he… he… :content:

(gotta try, right?)


Heh… yeah, we’re hiring over at ACE :^)


Oh! I didn’t even think about sharing it publicly in the forums. Here!
I went through the various resources, including refined ones, and picked from a few other sources within the game.
Except for the top row, those are my personal color map colors:


Materials included:
Bronze, Chitin (ant, beetle), Clay, Cloth, Clothing (Ascendency, Hearthling, NA, RC), Copper, Dirt, Feathers, Gold, Iron, Leather, Magma, Obsidian, Paper, Sand (fine), Silver, Steel, Stone, Tin, Water, Wood (acacia, birch, cactus, juniper, maple, oak, palm, pine), Coal

Woods are three for the inner color, and the four bark colours; except palm which is four and four

Eyes, Hair, Skin; Highlights (mine), Beard (mine), Headpiece (mine), Material (mine)

Colors: White, Grey, Black

catpalette2.csv (8.8 KB)

Fairly easy to import to Qubicle; not as sure about other programs. Enjoy!


This is great, did you already link this one on ACE?