ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


from what i understood from the other coders is that the building editor is. err tricky. so its probably -possible- but not high on anyones to do list because its probably vexing to get to work :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the idea though. would make it a bunch easier for novice builders to make better lookign buildings.


Of course it’s a modification for the comfort, but I found the idea interesting and as the roof system is already in place, I told myself why not talk about it ^^

I really like building and making personal styles, but it’s not the block-by-block construction that makes me dream, it’s about the ability to build what I want in a simple and effective way.

When a thing is repetitive is looking for the way to automate it hihi. :grin:

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I’ll look into roofs. I made custom color variants in my mod, might be able to design the roof piece to automatically have 2 block high sloped roofs.


without looking into the code, this was the best I could do. it seems that it always matches the bottom of the next step up only 1 up from the bottom of the previous step. even adjusting the points within the actual .qb model the games builder does it this way.

I realize this isn’t anything though other than just adding a second layer of thickness to the roof.


Arf yes if you do not go down the blocks by a notch its like a second layer. :grin:
It seems more complex finally, thank you for this test

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Another idea popped into my head. Pack animals, or rather pets that would be big enough to carry a few things. Like the Boar or Mammoth.


That might actually be feasible! Can we borrow the code of the Autonomus cricket golems?

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yeah that would work fine, except most animals wont have a pick-up-item animation.

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Looks awesome. But one of the biggest questions I got with this is.

What mods does this one replace? So I don’y try loading the same mod twice.

A list of included mods would be awesome.


I’m curious to know, will there be a time where ACE will change how the job page looks to allow a way to show vanilla and custom/modded jobs without being all squished together?

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