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I’m also noticing an issue with restocking golems (both autonomous and regular crickets) falling idle even when there is plenty left to collect. When initially deployed they do a round of restocking as usual, but then sit idle. Temporarily fixed by an undeploy/redeploy but then issue recurs. Reloading from a save file temporarily fixes, same symptoms. Seems like something in the behaviour loop is broken & of course the default behaviour is just idle.

Not generating any errors and has occurred over a few different games & the last two unstable builds. Let me know if any logs would help!


In cases like this, where a behavior is reproducible but doesn’t throw errors, I guess the most helpful thing would be a copy of the save file :merry:

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But, as always, please make a separate post for a bug report, and/or do it on the ACE Discord server.



This could mean that we could get an in game message system


Definitely made me think of a Job/Bounty board where you exchange goods for gold and maybe grab some profession exp from it or something… but we can already call merchants… hmm. Maybe something to do with faction rep?

@ThisDude In-game messages? Like the notification pop-ups?

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Greetings, all! :jubilant:
To another Preview Thursday!

What can I say?
I’m really sorry to all the good folks that posted here with such good guesses, dreaming of awesome notification board or quest systems… I mean, I really dig some of these ideas but I’m afraid I’ll go down the disappointing route…

Sometimes the first guess is the best guess!

“ACE 0.9.5 - The MASSIVE Update” is out!

You can join the excited hearthlings and go read the Patch Notes here!

Well, it is time for the Preview Thursdays to say goodbye… For now! :jubilant:
I hope you’ve all enjoyed guessing and reading about all the stuff we’re working on!

And as soon as we have new stuff ready, they’ll come back!
Stay warm and stay safe!
-Dani :merry: :sparkles:


The greatest deduction in Hearthling history lmao
Really Good answer MyCoal!


That is so awesome. It’s time to start a new game and see all these new updates. This game has always been good. But you are making it even better.


Hey man why i cant use the moo moos and the ducks in sheppard pasture?
I dont find any config to ‘‘enable’’ this ones.

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Check if you have the mod “Animalot” and remove it :slight_smile: it’s unfortunately broken and outdated, and will break any other mods that modify the shepherd (including ACE)

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tanks man it worked…
Hum one more thing: Eu tenho orgulho de ser brasileiro por causa de pessoas como você.


So how do the fish traps work? I have the latest update (and I LOVE IT) but I still have the option to craft fish traps on the trapper menu? Should that be there? The fisher NPC did come by but I didn’t really understand how I’m supposed to place fish traps.

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No, the trapper can craft traps because Trapper+ is currently outdated (my own fault :stuck_out_tongue: )

To place fish traps, click your Trapper and they should have the “Place Fish Trap” command in their unit frame (the small window on the bottom left where you can see their name, portrait, etc…)

Should look like this:


When you click that button, you’ll be able to “place” them - they can only be placed on the edge now, like this:


THANK YOU. That will help SO MUCH. I’ll check that out next time I’m in game.

One other thing, I mentioned this on the workshop but I thought I’d mention it here. On storage racks there’s still an option for ‘raw meat’ but there is not a general ‘raw vegetables’ option. I can only choose specific vegetables. Is that intended? I don’t remember seeing it in the notes but I may have missed it as they were rather extensive.

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Yes, it’s because you can now choose more than one option - so if you want all vegetables you can tick all of them, if you want just certain veggies you can tick only some of them, and so on… The reason veggies are separated but meat is not is because lots of recipes will require specific vegetables so you can better organize them, however recipes that require “raw meat” (which for the game’s purpose is just the “jerkies”, not the big meat chunks) there’s no specificity at all, all recipes require only raw meat and not specific ones, so they could as well be just a single item called “Meat Jerky”

If you want to choose a whole category, you can simply click its name on the left, like this:


OMG. Okay, I must have missed that in the notes. ROFL. This is awesome. Thank you again!


I’m really enjoying the new variety of herbs and flowers and how building materials are allocated before the construction. :merry:

Still need to explore more of the new stuff, looking forward to it! Thanks for your hard work and dedication! :jubilant:

Edit: Also, i found out the hard way that you can in fact block the access point of the wagon so be sure to watch that lol. I had thought my computer was really crapping out when hearthlings wouldn’t put stuff down or change professions because those objects were in the wagon xD


So now I’m having problems interacting with the Frostfeast recipes. How do you actually learn them? I click on them in storage and nothing happens and I can’t set them down on the ground to interact with them.

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Were they working before and then just stopped working? Because there is also a chance you already learned them all :slight_smile:

I only just got the Frostfeast quests so I’m not sure what the recipes are for. LOL. I see my crafters have some that can be crafted with gold.

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