Accidental Early Access Bug: Pressing Spacebar

So I thought I’d get the ball rolling!

Basically, pressing spacebar takes you to a very odd screen. I still don’t know how to add screenshots, but it’s very easy to reproduce.

Steps to Reproduce:
Press spacebar in-game.

Expected Results:
Nothing to happen.

Actual Results:
A black screen with many lines of different colours going in different directions, outlining assets appears whilst spacebar is being held down. Upon release of it, the game reverts back to normal without any problems.

Versions and Mods:
I am running Alpha 1(?) with no mods.

System Information:
Windows 8.1 | Intel Core i5 3230M | 4gb system memory | Intel HD Graphics 4000

As the release was an accident, this may no longer be relevant when the game is released. If it is still like that, I shall just remove this part. However until then, this is fairly irrelevant and does not need to be acted upon.

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yep got the same. Only for the duration of pressing tho.

Apologies, yes, if it is unclear, I meant this. I shall edit the OP to make it clear. :slight_smile:

wow, the first “official” bug report, I suppose… :smile:

I’m checking with @sdee to see if radiant is interested in capturing reports… stay tuned!

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So many bugs to report if so…:slight_smile:

Have you been able to get on Steve?

:sweat_smile: if so, I’ll do it tomorrow. Already midnight where I am, I’m going to sleep.

(I think this could be the same bug as @Lomico says? )

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No it’s seems we’re not going to be capturing bugs for this particular version of the client … will go ahead and close this down…

but thanks for all the feedback! :+1:

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