[A22.5] Animated Long Grass Mod

Ever wanted long grass that looks a little like its blowing in the wind. well look no further than the long_grass mod. It add long grass to the game and adds it to the temperate zone and a harvesterable plant

long_grass.smod (7.9 KB)


I started work on this small mod to teach myself the basics of animation so the animation is very basic at this stage. Feel free to use this mod to help you with your animations. Created with Qubicle and Blender with the Stonehearth add-on

Not sure what impact lots of animated usually inanimate objects will have on the game engine!


ohh it’s just the thing i searched ^^

merci :smiley: can i take a closer look to your code? I wanted to integrate some Plants and other things to the maps for new ressources

@pingu mod away. Let me know if you have any questions. I spent many an hour banging my head against a keyboard trying to figure stuff out so I hope this saves you some pain

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merci ? are you french ?

Ahhaha i hope so too xD i looked already on your code and i think to know how to add the new elements.

Thx again

No no Killex, it’s just my personal slang. My grand grand mother was french but i’m italian

@pingu I’m glad if it helps. I’ll try and knock up another guide/tutorial at some point


ok :slight_smile: i’m french ^^

oh xD
we are also neighbours ahahahah :smiley:

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