A17, A question, A formatting error, and bad beds

I just downloaded the new alpha, and I must first say I like what I’m seeing. However, I quickly noticed some things…

The Question and the Format
In this Picture, I have assigned the leftmost bed (which is highlighted) to my carpenter. However, you can see him out working away at a window. My question is, when beds are assigned to a hearthling, are other Hearthlings intended to sleep in said assigned beds if there aren’t enough for everybody?

The format error I noticed, is that now with the new assign button, the flavor text for the mean bed, (and probably the comfy) goes underneath it, and you cannot read it all

The bad beds

Hey, That’s not where I put those beds! During construction, the ghost forms appeared, even at the beginning. It lasted all the way until the beds were placed, (which the Hearthlings did so through the outer wall), and they popped into existence where they were supposed to be… I also noticed, that when I checked the carpenters queue, It did not add the beds to it. (There were three.) Here is the template for the building. corner house.zip (35.7 KB)

For the formating error:

good to know that this also happens in the englisch version ^^ for my german translation i have make the font smaller and the unitframe so large as possible ^^

perhaps i will look if i can limit the textfield and make it to wrap …

but first i need to download the newest unstable release (i have issues and tried to reinstall and dont get it installed anymore xD)

sooo i have played a little with it - and @yshan here are the css3 code

padding-left: 2px;
font-size: 15px;
max-width: 320px;
word-wrap: break-word;
color: #a8935d;

so it works now with 3 buttons ^^ the main issue is that the buttons are overlays so i havent found an option to make it automarge …


ok i have seen there is also an issue with the name width because the craftsmen icon will also be under the buttons if the name is to long ^^ i will look into it xD

so for the name i have found this option (tested with the name alexander anderholz the third xD):

max-width: 180px;
font-size: 20px;

if i change the fontsize to 18 i could make it widther to 200 but i think the name is then to small xD

@yshan @sdee like i have seen in the last update from the beds - could it be that you now try to make the descriptions smaller. so that they fit? :wink:

when yes … BUT i loved the old mean bed description xD

For the placement-ghost-is-in-the-wrong-place, I’ve had that happen a few times (both in A16 and Dev3002).

  • I’ve got one A16 blueprint with all 3 kitchen workshops offset by 1 spot from where I’d clicked, but they actually get placed in the right location. The erroneous spots are all half in walls, though, so I don’t know if that’s “the ghosts are wrong” or “hearthlings are doing a best-effort placement, which happens to be the intended spot”
  • For stuff from the [P]lacement menu, the ghost being wrong is sometimes because there’s a temporary obstruction - an item on the ground, or object in the way. Sometimes there’s no discernible reason though (placement in the middle of a flat surface with nothing nearby). Either way, it usually gets built where I clicked, not where the ghost is.
  • If you’re relocating an item and want the new location to overlap the old location, the ghost is usually completely clear of the old location, but whether the hearthlings will place it where you clicked, or where the ghost is, seems to be up to chance in my experience.

i have sleeped sometime and perhaps we should add an second uibox over the first like the attack etc for the normal buttons and/or for the battle commands and over the second line the buffs - that should resolve the issues …

just for info: i have found lots of problems with long names and descriptions after the direct search now ^^