[A16r559x64] Dragging item during crafting duplicates item in queue

Alpha 17 release-559 (x64)
system info: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xrb8sokg1qkwps2/DxDiag.txt

Put a bunch of stuff in queue, wait for hearthling to actively work on it, drag items and when your crafter completes the current item and the list is refreshed and forces the item you are dragging to go back to the top of the list and is then duplicated at the top of the queue.

This only happened using the weaver queue and what was duplicated was an order to maintain 10 bolts of leather


this may only be a visual bug I’m not sure, as when I delete one of the copies in the queue, all the others are deleted as well, the original item in queue is also deleted about 20 seconds later.

I think the item that is duplicated must be in the top row of the crafting queue, but I’m not sure

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I got this one too. Deleting one of the two duplicate objects will delete both, sometimes. Develop-3023.

its a doubling glitch, but merely graphical seeing as you remove 2 with one drag. I have had this more then once and usally saving and restarting or just ignoring it worked