A paint tool to change structures look

sometimes you use your templates to build stuff only to see that the new building has a roof in the wrong colour.
A painting tool to change that after construction would be usefull to align all the buildings to your current theme


I would love it if a worker then has to come and paint/change all blocks.


That would be cool. And the actual paint has to be crafted as well (out of different ingredients). Maybe, new colors coulde get unlocked with new town tiers.


hmmm, liking the idea, but who has to make the paint, the herbalist maybe?

If it were an alchemist instead, I would agree. For me, the herbalist is more of a person helping in curing ailments, making curative stuff, maybe perfumes. Unfortunately, I have no idea, who could do it. So, on second thought, the herbalist is currently the closest one. But the weaver would fit for making the brush 100% :smiley:

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the herbalist makes stuff out of plants, and seeing as most dyes (in the medieval times) were made out of plant extract, it wouldn’t be so weird to me.

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You’re probably right.
I just gave the paint topic another thought. Making paint sounds fun first, but if you need to craft each possible color, you quickly get a load of different recipes - and to much stuff to fiddle with. Maybe a general ‘paint’ object would be a solution, to prevent too much micro-management. What do you think?

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yah, good point, although maybe the new paints you unlock with each tier, as you suggested, could be its own paint. Other than that I agree with you, it does make alot of recipes.

Also you could differentiate stone paint, wood paint and clay paint, and if you want to change blocks from stone to clay, the worker has to manually break and build the blocks, and then paint it.

I’d like to see this happen and also to see it removed the way it’s currently for floors and roads.
I have changed those by mistake incredible amounts of times because that feature is not good as it’s for the moment so a paint tool would be nice.

Could pretty much be both a pencil for individual and a bucket to fill all of same colors:)


I like the idea to link the paint/colors to the material used. But then, switching shouldn’t be allowed. I guess it would be more interesting and fitting to the way it currently is, if certain materials (wood, brick, stone) used their respective palettes and that ther colors in it are distinguishable.
Exchanging blocks/materials is a totally different beast, IMHO.

:+1: :+1: on Paint / Paintbrush tool sorely needed for existing block.

:-1: on having a Hearthling do the work. It needs to be instantaneous and not require materials. This is a purely cosmetic feature IMO.