A lot of strange behavior in Alpha 11 preview

I was very excited that my free time this week coincided with the A11 preview today! I’ll give a quick rundown

  • When building a building my carpenter exhibited very strange behavior. I had queued up the windows and doors for the building I was building and she would pick up a wood block, place it on the work bench, make a window frame, then leave it on the workbench and proceed to help with the construction of the building until she ran out of wood. she would then take the window frame off of her work bench, then repeat the entire process.

  • At first using a crate to store food worked great, hearthlings would grab and eat from it. However, after adding a few more crates to the world they ALL seemed to stop working correctly. They would also list contents that had been sold to merchants. For example I sold 20 berries, the box would list a content of 10, show food, and no icons.

  • Using crates to hold wood resources seemed to have an major effect on AI as well. when building multiple resource objects (such as large crates) my carpenter would have no trouble taking the wood from crates at first, but down the line would only take the first wood from the crate, and would then stop working until another resource location was available (such as a stockpile) take the second resource from that to finish the project. She would then repeat this process.

  • I also noticed often hearthlings will have odd behavior in deciding on what to do. I had my weaver place raw silk on his workbench to make thread, then run towards the stockpile, then decide no he didn’t need to, and then run over to the workbench to make the thread. This would happen every time.

Overall though the new version is very exciting! I hope this post is helpful, I am really enjoying the progress on this game.

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