A lot of improvement suggestions!


I’m sorry if this have already been say but here are some ideas of improvement you could make (if possible of course) :slight_smile:


About world creation : Why not make the world infinite with a large variety of biome (each of them having particular ressources and civilization on it !), to do so and not use all computer memory/processor, maybe you could use a chunk system kinda like Minecraft ?
If you make a world infinite in minecraft like, you could probably add more civilizations (Maya kind, Middage European kind, American Native kind, Asian kind, Arabic kind, African Kind, etc …) with real cities, ressources (exchangeable by commerce) and a siege system (real fortifications, siege engines etc.) !
Add water gestion (wells, fontain, irrigation, pipes etc.), water would be needed to survive (By the way, I sometime see my minions eating in water … Shouldn’t they drawn ?) !
Add reproduction, crazyness and lucre (Children etc.) making the game harder (you need to feed every one, and maintain peace !)
Add more job (Kinda like in Dwarf fortress and reality : cop, manager, bookkeeper, instructor/teacher, water distributor/pipes worker, warehouse manager, artist (dancer/singer etc !) and a lot more !).

Of course, these are just idea and that would be very very ambitious ! And you probably had all of them already !

Anyway, I already like the game as he already is now !

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The answer to most of these is: “Yes, one day.” They’re working on it but you have to start with the foundation, and that’s basic building, combat, world generation. The only things here that they aren’t currently planning is child-rearing (they don’t wanna touch that topic). :slight_smile:

Inifinite world, though, will probably be far down the road considering how massive of a performance monster that is.


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Thx for the welcoming,

Actually, it doesn’t need to be infinite, it would just need to be giant ! To do so, maybe it would need to first create a file that would include data about the world generate (places of biomes and oceans), like in dwarf fortress. This file would be used to create a map (like the legend mod in Dwarf Fortress). Then the player would choose where he will start (choosing his landing zone and civilization kinda like now except that he would chose where exactly on the map).

When he is done with a place, he could choose to explore new chunks with people of his originally chunk (some would be neutral, some allies, some enemies depending of the chosen civilization and of the relations the player have with them). That would include soldiers to conquer chunks controlled by other civilizations (kinda like in stronghold).

Of course, he could always return back to the chunks he controls (the first one would be the capital for instance)

Hmm the manual chunk exploration is a neat idea, definitely easier on performance. I think there’s definitely a way to make chunk-loading work too :slight_smile: I actually wish the current worlds were a bit larger, they seem cramped.

Does anyone know if the Draw Distance setting has an effect on this?

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Naah, it just change the rendering visibility you have in-game sorry !

Here is a new suggestion ! You could create a job : Manager who would impose a priority on task for each worker/craftman !

What do you think guys ?

Task priority is good, I don’t think we need a job for it though, should just be a thing we can set.

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Hello, actually, I do think it would need a job (but that could be done with another job during the same time), let me explain :slight_smile:

  1. Your workers don’t obey directly to you, they act as their AI command them, if you set priority directly, it’s like commanding them direclty, it make the game less challenging !
  2. They could obey … or not to the manager ! It would depend on his ability and on his level compared to the man he commands !
  3. It would be fun to have to build a building only for the manager ! :smiley:
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Tom stated a while ago, that they were originally going to do this, but because people aren’t using the full map now, as is, that they were leaning away from it. That was almost a year ago, so it may be different now…

This was planned for a couple alpha’s ago. Not sure what happened with it, or if they’re planning on making the engineer having something to do with this.

In the name of keeping it PG, they don’t want to do this…

I remember there being mention of it eventually being chunk-based so that could happen soon, maybe to at least the size the map is when you first roll.

It also makes it way too easy to gain population; if you gain population just by sitting there, there’s no reason to build and expand. This also means that you’ll get tougher enemies – not only in larger groups but also harder in difficulty – without having to try expanding more, and while your “child” Hearthlings are useless and can’t be used in battle.

Yes it makes it easier and harder !

Let me explain, once you have children you would must give them instruction and education otherwise, they would turn wild (meaning, destroying your stuff, turn revolutionary, stealing things, creating a new civilization which would be your ennemy etc. etc.) ! Plus, that would make more people to make real armies, of course, the enemy would need to be more numerous and/or more dangerous (why not add dragons, elves, and that kind of creatures (I know they want to add Dwarves already !)).

Tom stated a while ago, that they were originally going to do this, but  because people aren't using the full map now, as is, that they were  leaning away from it. That was almost a year ago, so it may be different now...

Maybe people don’t use the full map because there isn’t enough wildlings ?

Basically people aren’t building cities large enough to take up the whole map so far. The exact reason(s) can be argued about, but none the less, even large WIP cities shared on here only take up half at the very most, most of the time less.As far as Hearthling numbers, that comes with how beefy your computer is…

We don’t use the whole map because we can’t build large enough towns. I’d love to build towns big enough to cover the existing maps. We can’t because building is too slow, and the building engine can’t handle large (think Roman) buildings yet.

So did you all care to think about multiplayer with larger maps? If the largest town takes over half the map, what’s gonna happen when three of the best builders in the game face off?

Like ChickenNuggers said, you think only about ONE town ! Why not build more than one ? :wink:
(on different biomes, with differents needs).
That would be called … KINGDOMS ! :wink:

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