64-bit Version does not detect Nvidia Card, 32-bit Does

The 64-bit version of the game will not detect a Nvidia 640m graphics card on either the newest drivers OR on the any driver rollbacks to stable version for that card.

The 32-bit version of the game detects it just fine.

Steps Taken To Reproduce/Fix

1.In the Nvidia card management tool, select a new profile for Stonehearth (Both 64 and 32 bit versions) and force it to run using the Nvidia card.
2. Enable right-click and Run-with (Choice of graphics card)
3. Right click 64 bit game, run with Nvidia card.
4. Settings shows it is using the Intel HD 3000.

  1. Force 32 bit and restart
  2. Settings shows Nvidia 640m - Driver details

The 64 bit version of the game with the Intel HD 3000 still runs decently, i’ve had up to 15-16 Hearthlings in a pretty large town, with mines, lights, castles… etc. The game slows down and lags and starts to throw more errors at this point.

Let’s compare todays session though:
10 Hearthlings
6 Buildings (1 2 story)
One large road
5-6 Lights
Medium sized mine
3 Medium sized farms
2 large trapping areas
Both pathfinding improvements turned on

Performance on 64 bit - Intel Hd 3000
Graphics set to the BARE minimum, as low as they can possible go
Ambient Occlusion is greyed out
Pathfinder is heavily working
Game slows down in intervals, slightly sputters at times
Building anything slightly complicated causes some good slowdown as well

Performance on 32-bit Nvidia 640M
V-sync, Ambient Occlusion, High quality all turned on.
Highest level of shadows
Medium range of lights and good draw distance
Game runs smooth on both normal and fast speeds
Building doesn’t cause much slow down, even on somewhat complicated builds
Lights don’t cause an issue

Other Information
The comparisons aren’t in a huge town, but the performance change was huge when switching from 64 to 32 and getting the nicer graphics card (even though it’s still a 4 year old card)

I may update this when i get up around 18 Hearthlings and 10+ buildings

I’ve scoured the internet for this issue, and it may have something to do specifically with laptops that have 2 graphics cards, both the onboard and the Nvidia, for some reason in some 64 bit applications, it will think the Intel HD is the way to go…

There is a chance that later versions of Windows (8.1 and 10) don’t have this problem.

Similar to this issue, but slightly different, no crashes and dual cards:

Windows 7
8 Gigs
Nvidia 640m/Hd Intel 3000
Dual Core 3.2/3.2

So not sure if this is solvable or if this will help Radiant, but that’s my findings so far!


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