64 bit Rough Wooden Shield Error AND maybe more items

Okay so I created my 1st 3 Rough Wooden Shields and as sone as the 1st one was done I get this error in the pic and it did that for all of the in the pic you can see two of the errors. I am not 100% if it bugs out your game but

I saved and reloaded so I hope I am fine.

So I created some leather armor and got this error

I get the same thing all the time, i don’t think it’s the shields. I think there is something wrong with the stockpile code or something like that. If you click on it you get up another window, and there it says something about the stockpile

the thread is here peeps enter [Con] Footmen don’t equip weapons & armor

Probably should start anew thread but seems a little wasteful. I’ve noticed rough wooden shields also sell for 70gp each this seems out of place with other items you can sell.