50 hours My thoughts/suggestion

Hail fellow Hearthing’s

First I wish to curse the for Dev’s coffee to keep them up at night…I’m addicted (First time this has happened in YEARS)

Comming from Castle story this game is much the same accept it’s much easier to get on with, And there is MUCH more to do :slight_smile:

A few things I find a little odd.

The trapper, This just doesn’t seem to fit at all if you really think about it. A better option in my opinion would be a HUNTER (You get the same stuff, You set a hunting area, Give him a bow and off he goes) This would then branch off to either a Archer or Shepherd.

Blacksmith can make the engineers wrench at level 3, But the STEEL to make it is level 4 ? (Might be wrong on the levels but I know you need a extra level after you unlock the wrench to get the steel. Is that intentional ?

Animals, If anyone has played banished (I am guessing a fair few have) You had a pen for animals and any animals born after the limit is reached one of the existing animals is automatically culled. (Take out a little of the micro) Yes its copy and paste but with a million things to do, manually culling animals seems a bit meh :stuck_out_tongue:

FORCING archers to stay put. The rest of the combat I am fine with, But I WISH there was a way of telling an archer to just SIT on that tower i built for him and shoot anything that moves.


This can SO work and would fit REALLY well and snugly into the current mechanics.

First you need an Alter, This is made with a book (From the herbalist) Cloth (From the tailor) Set of rings (2, made by blacksmith) And the Alter itself assembled by the carpenter.

Marriage is performed by a cleric (They will take time out of there patrol duties)

Now there are two options here, Either have Marriage automatic (Hearthlings pair up and get married themselves) Or manual (You have to approve the marriage of the two hearthlings) A bit like the accention option in the Anno series. This would allow you basically pick and choose witch ones get married for there base stats (Health/mind/faith)

To get babies, Simply a double bed (Made by carpenter) and in a private room (A house with a door and curtains at the windows, No peeking) And a crib (Made by the carpenter) in storage.

As for growing up, Either a nanny profession or the parents take care with a penalty to the working time (60% less working time or sommin)

As children they run around and play either with each other or befriended animals.

As teenagers they have two choices, Either they work as haulers/miners or they go to school, If they haul/mine there body stats go up, If they go to school there mind goes up. (New profession TEACHER, comes after cleric ?)

Faith could increase by either witnessing your men winning fights or the shepherd tending animals. (Witnessing someone dying reduces this.

Again with this you can choose or leave it random, Random means the teenager will swap between the two jobs (mining/hauling or education) And will get mixed stats when they grow up.

That’s all for now as its getting late.

Love the game can’t wait to see what else is coming and the multiplayer my wife would LOVE this game, particularly if it has babies in it :smiley:


hey there @elexier, welcome to the discourse :smile:

great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts/ideas, i’ll page @sdee (one of the devs) for you just to make sure they don’t miss this post :slight_smile:

as far as i’m aware, the team has said they have no plans to add babies/marriage to the game, as that can come with a lot of complications… :disappointed_relieved:

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Just take it from some of Dwarf Fortresses patch notes, kids are hard.

Stopped children from buying shops
Stopped children and babies from joining you on your adventures
Dwarf children die from embarassment at not being dressed at age 2
Babies don’t start strapped with a knife


Thank you for the response.

As for kids being “Complicated” I fail to see how it’s hard.

Babies and kids are none combat units (aka no damage from anything) But can be stolen. (RECUSE MISSIONS :smiley:)

Teenagers (Or young adults) Work like normal Adults.

And if anyone has any moral hang ups about it thats there own issue. (Political correctness going wrong lol)

I’m not an expert, but the devs have shared in the past that ESRB, PEGI, USK, etc. get very complicated and picky when it comes to children. Essentially, it adds an entire extra category to worry about in your game.

The devs have expressed interest in tweaking the Daily Update mechanism, to not just have a citizen “poof” into existence, but children aren’t something we should expect in the main game.


Thanks for providing your feedback on the playthrough. Also thanks for playing the game! It’s always great to hear when someone new picks it up.

We’ve passed around your feedback to the team and think there are some pretty good points overall. I will echo @jomaxro though that children are extremely complicated and risky so it’s not likely they will show up in the game.


Ahahaha that tickled me way more than it should.