2 Items, 1 Space

Two items get placed in one spot

Steps to reproduce:
I haven’t found any definite cause or reliable reproduction of the glitch but they seem to do it most when at least one item doesn’t fit the whole square, i.e. meat, doors, windows, oil lamps, etc.

Expected Results:
Free compact storage???

Actual Results:
When food gets placed on something important and then goes bad, deleting the bad food also deletes the important item :frowning:

it’s also doubly hard to remove the smaller item from the space, because it sits inside the larger item and therefore can’t be selected.


Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods

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Here’s another shot, slightly less obvious where it glitched so I circled the spaces. It’s also worth noting that it seems like once a space glitches like this, it will continue to hold two items. Not sure if it can be fixed by deleting the storage space and replacing, I should try that to see if it works.

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To add to @cheri’s contributions, I’ve also seen this behavior but have two additional observations.

  1. If you delete the storage zone, workers will pick up the items independently and separate them.
  2. This seems to occur when two workers initiate path-finding to place carried objects at the same time, so I suspect that there is a item delay between Worker A deciding where to put away the object, and the cell being flagged as unavailable. This occasionally allows Worker B to find the same cell for his/her item.
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I’ve seen this happen as well and it has been happening for quite awhile too. For as far as i can tell there is no real side effect to this. Items are still registered correctly and villagers can still pick the stuff up.

Its not supposed to happen and that could be called a bug. Personally i would not mind this little thing when you consider there are actual game breaking bugs still present.

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I’ve had this happen with walls. O.o They glowed all the time. And I have no idea how I ended up with double walls on my building.

The ones that end up on my roads are kinda cool, glowing squares interspersed along the path.

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double walls sounds more like a bug with building templated and not so much a intentory type bug.

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