1st Person mode, the Right way

Now, I don’t know how hard this would be to implement, I don’t even know if its possible,i don’t even know if its been mentioned( I tend to mention a lot of things mentioned already lol, lil late to the party), I do know that it would add a lot to this game though.

This is entirely based from Timber and stone, In timber and stone there is 1 class called ‘‘Adventurer’’ which when you make one of your villagers turn into this class they get a little Icon beside there name which you click on which turns you into that Villager(allowing wasd movement for him/her) and changes your game into 1st person mode from that villagers perspective

this is an incredibly cool feature because it lets you view everything you have created from the eyes of your villager and all the other villagers are still going about there business with there designated tasks, you could even take this a step further and order your hearthling squad to attack and then turn into the specific adventurer profession you put in your hearthling squad and participate in a battle yourself.

to add a NEW layer of depth and fun, when multiplayer is released you and your friend playing could have a Commander-Perfect Soldier relationship where 1 is controlling the army and the other is the strongest troop creating a different feel for multiplayer altogether, similar to the MMOFPSRTS savage 2

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