X ray vision causes problems

right under the ‘s’ button their is a button that can and will crash your game… x or the x-ray button and i pressed on it a lot by accident and its both easier and less lagy to use the slice option so i wold like it if the feature wold be removed or at let move the short cut away from the w-a-s-d keys

hey there @giladthebut

though yes, it can cause a bunch of lag, i don’t think i’ve ever heard of x-ray crashing the game. is this something that happens with any save you use x-ray on, or just a particular save?

it happened literally jest before i posted this

alright, i’ve moved this over to bug reports, because x-ray should definitely not be crashing the game.

could you provide some more details on the problem,

  • has it always done this, or is this the first time it’s happened?
  • is it something that happens with any save you use x-ray on, or just a particular save?
  • and if just a particular save, could you upload that save.
  • if it’s a common occurrence across multiple saves, does it only happen on saves with lots of buildings/mining, or just at random regardless of buildings/mining?

thanks :slight_smile:

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it dose’t happen a lot but it wold only happen once per game like the first time i pres x in a world

and it cold be jest my computer (its not vary good)

Did you make many mines or buildings in your savefile, @giladthebut?
Does the game crash to desktop, or is it that you get an engine error and the game becomes laggy?

To remove the shortcut from the x, try adding your own keybinding (see Help needed for use user_bindings (Key binding) for how to do it).

At the moment we can’t remove a shortcut, we can only assign it to another key, and if that key is assigned to something else, it will activate both things, but that will change soon (not sure when we will get the UI for keybinding, though).

If the crash with the x-ray mode is only happening on that savefile, could you upload it? We can take a look and see if it crashes / lags also for us.

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