Wrong UI button size?

So as the title states, I started a new kingdom with more mods and I couldn’t help but be bothered by something as little as this visual problem.


Any ideas what might be the cause of this?
Mods I have installed:
Clan Muramasa
Home Sweet Home
Extra Map Options
Swamp Goblins
Mod Repairer

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First we need to know which mod is shrinking the icons, as they are not that small. Then that mod should either shrink that other icon too, or let everyone be their normal size

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Those UI buttons get shrunk to 70% only playing as Clan Muramasa. The one that looks big is the new Brewer job with Unstable Ace version. The steam version of Muramasa doesn’t contain all the ui adjustments, but will be updated after the next ACE steam version updates to fix this.


Ah, so that’s why. Thanks! I guess I’ll put up with it for now.

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@BrunoSupremo gave me the code to apply a proper UI adjustment to size the buttons in a cleaner way that should automatically affect any added crafting jobs by mods in the future. Updated the Steam version now.